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Here Is The Dietary Guide For How To Get A Fair Baby

Babies are the ultimate symbol of adorableness. The smile and happy face of the baby are so contagious that they will instantly make you feel happy from within when you look at it.

Babies also are born with a lot of hope and expectations from their parents. Happy one wants to have a cute, plump, fair-looking child.

The baby’s physical features are mostly determined by the genetic combination inherited from his/her parents. However, the care provided and the environment it receives during the prenatal period also play an important role in determining the baby’s overall health.

The doctors also advised the doctors to eat healthy foods for the child during the prenatal days. Having a healthy diet by the mother shall benefit the child to gain good immunity and benefit in the proper development of various aspects of the body. Moreover, a good diet can also influence if the complexion of the baby is dull or fair.

How to get a fair baby?

Every parent dreams of an adorable-looking kid who is there like the one shown in Johnson’s baby ad. However, parents can enhance the quality of the skin and the complexion of the baby by incorporating these particular food items into the mother’s diet. So, here are a few food items that can answer your question, how to get a fair baby:


Milk is considered one of the wonderful products that can affect the baby’s skin. Milk, in general, is also known to be a good product that ensures smooth and soft skin for everyone in general.

For getting a fair baby, it is recommended to drink milk along with a few pinches of saffron at least one time a day. If there is no saffron, then one can drink pure milk ok every day; that would also be sufficient.


Consuming almonds can be an effective ingredient that can help improve the baby’s color. The mother can soak the almonds in water, grind them to mix them with milk and drink them once a day.

Citrus fruits:

Eating citrus-rich or fruits rich in vitamin C can help in improving the quality of the skin. People who eat fruits light orange, kiwi and lemon, have more chances of getting glowing skin tone than people who don’t consume such fruits.

Even in the case of babies, consuming fruits rich in vitamin C can help them get glowing and healthy skin from the birth itself.

Grape juice:

As mentioned above, consuming fruits rich in vitamin C can help the baby get glowing and healthy skin. Moreover, if the mother drinks grape juice regularly, it can further guarantee that the baby is born to gift healthy and shiny skin.

The grape juice is rich in Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which can be an important element to improve the skin’s complexion even when it comes to babies.


Eggs are known to be a food item that is rich in protein. If the mother consumes egg whites regularly, her body shall be replenished of all the protein requirements that are needed by our body.

Proper fulfillment of protein requirements can also help in improving the skin color development of the fetus.


If the mother eats food that is home-cooked in pure ghee, that can also help improve the health of the child and the mother. It is also said that the healthier the child, the better shall be their skin complexion.

These were some of the food ingredients that can help a mother get a fair baby. A child is a blessing, and it is the mother’s responsibility to take care of the baby in every possible way.