Face mask for blackheads and acne

Face mask for blackheads and acne



I'm going to be telling you a DIY face bass for blackheads and acne today this mask is extremely easy and it's to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads but not only that it also helps with reducing the amount of oil and grease that you get during the day on your face

So for this you're going to need some recipe what this mouse you're going to need two eggs it's better to use organic eggs as I am today I'm you're going to need like a lot foundation or concealer brush, and you're going to need a fork to whisk the egg whites two bowls thing you're going to need tissue.

Ok so you want to begin by separating your egg yolk from your egg whites like I mentioned one egg way is more than enough unfortunately it was my first time doing this mask, so I was unaware then you're just going to take a fork and whisk the egg white, and then you can take your foundation brush and start applying this all over your face you want to make sure your face is dry with no moisturizer and freshly cleansed

because you don't want to apply this on top of makeup or top of your moisturizer because it's not going to give you the same benefits it might not even help at all a home so you want to apply this before i go into the benefits however because there are so many more benefits than just removing blackheads and whiteheads and I'm going to be the next step which is right here I'm just separating the layers of the tissue and applying that on my face and

then I'm going to take another layer of the egg yolk and apply this on top so now i can explain the other benefits to you, so it also removes facial hair so if you're someone who suffers from excessive hair growth this is the perfect mask for you especially because it's paid free and we know how hard it can get with boxing that burning feeling that you get after that strip is peeled off your face

oh my god it's the worst I can really trust me I know the feeling so this is the perfect alternative it also title insurance large chords if you're someone who's obsessed with makeup like me than this is a great benefit because your makeup looks so much smoother and your skin looks more flawless so it's perfect and it also lifts your skin which is obviously a plus and it's great for reducing oily skin which also helps with the next

benefit which is that it actually reduces and prevent acne acne scarring and in my book that's always always always applause it also brings a shine to your face it brightens that you can see at the end of this video my face looks so much brighter than it did in the beginning and it helps like I said with the blackheads and whiteheads

it also reduces under-eye puffiness and it helps with wrinkles and fine lines which if you're a woman or a girl or anyone i think anti-aging is always a benefit no matter what and it it just makes the whole mask work that you know so now I'm just like trying to peel off the extra tissue don't need taking very egg white waiting 30 minutes so if you're not patient this masking for you but after 30 minutes your master of hurting you pretty much cannot move your face then you can start peeling it off and oh my god guys like i said this was

my first time so when I peels off that I would in shock like a number of blackheads on my nose it was crazy my hairs all over my face it so one away I'm trying to show you guys the blackheads but unfortunately the cameras and catching it, but you just want to continue peeling it all off your face it's so easy

this mask is so so beneficial not only tried out after you killed it wash your face and now watch guys my face looks instantly brighter it's so crazy but if you like this video, and you want to see more DIY bass master please like this video that you guys so much for watching i love you guys all so much, and we'll see you all in my next one bye guys



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