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Is Facelift surgery right for you?

Have a look at your face in the mirror !!

A person’s face is like an open book that reveals his inner nature, personality, health, and character. Signs and symptoms of illness, deficiencies, personality trait and other important information show in our faces. The facial expression of a person keeps varying depending on the emotional state of the concerned person. A lot is just told by observing the different facial expressions of a person. But as age progresses this face gets worn out because of various degenerative causes. One of the important causes of being collage production.

What is collagen production?

The body produces collagen in abundance when its young but it, unfortunately, starts to decline at the age of 25. In decrease even more in women after menopause. Collagen production also decreases when exposed to sun and harmful UV rays or when smoking or consuming too much sugar. The lack of collagen results in common signs of aging. .collagen is an important protein which helps keep your body healthy and young

Are you getting wrinkles or your skin is sagging?

We have a solution Yes, this is because as you age the collagen production reduces in the body. Collagen is nothing but the protein in our body. It is found in many tissues like bones, tendons, tissues, vessels and digestive systems. However, when people talk about collagen they are generally referring to its benefits for the skin. As a person ages body produces less collagen. This lack of collagen results in common signs of aging. Wrinkles sagging skin that has lost its elasticity and stiff knee joints are all signs that the body is producing less collagen. When collagen levels are high the skin is soft smooth plump and firm

So what’s the latest technology for the firm and plump skin?

The answer is a facelift.
A facelift also known as a rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure that lifts and tightens the facial muscles.
A full facelift surgery includes taking care of sagging skin and loose folds of the neck. It was important these days to look younger and reverse the signs of aging.
There are two types of facelift
1) Mini facelift: it rejuvenates the central section of the face from lower eyelid to upper eyelid. It is like a proper facelift
2) Full facelift: It rejuvenates your skin of face and neck folds to make it look younger and plump.

The exact technique that as facelift surgeon uses depends on several factors including patient’s anatomy and personal goal, the extent of facelift mini or full facelift and whether another procedure needs to be performed

What are the results of facelift surgery?

It makes your skin younger and plum and healthier to look at. It rejuvenates your face and reverses aging. The additional plus point is that it delays aging.


A facelift works by taking care of the loss of collagen in the facial muscles. It tones your face and tightens the loose fold and sagging face. It is a perfect choice if you are over 40 years of age.

Best plastic surgeon in India :

Plastic surgery is an art and skill which is developed by professionals through their experienced hands. Make sure that you choose a board-certified professional plastic surgeon for your work of art.

Plastic surgery is never the first option for the people worldwide as they get dreaded about the word “surgery”. Some people’s emotions have a really big effect on how they think they look. Make sure you choose the best plastic surgeon across the globe as procedure and healing time vary you need the best possible advice so you will want to do all the research into what is involved in your particular procedure and whether the surgery is reconstructive or cosmetic.

It is a good idea to choose a doctor who is board certified. The cost will likely be a factor too. Elective plastic procedures can be expensive. The cost of cosmetic procedures straight comes out from the patient’s pocket.

Do not rush !!!

Cosmetic surgery isn’t something to rush into. If you are thinking about cosmetic surgery find out everything about the plastic surgeon and choose the best one from India at a very reasonable rate. Talk over with your doctors. Once you have the facts you can decide which surgery is best for you.

Choose the best cosmetic surgeon !!!

Choosing the best cosmetic surgeon is of utmost importance. As he is the one you will be able to guide you through his first consultation. HE will be professional and will have a skill or art with a good amount of years experience. A renowned along with an experienced center is the need of the hour.

One such center is one that is headed by a renowned and professional cosmetic surgeon. A team headed by a group of professionals is the best and renowned in the world in India is famous worldwide. Looking for the best cosmetic surgery in India, choose one that is reputable and renowned par excellence. Its highly aesthetic experienced specialist in cosmetic and plastic surgery, state of art infrastructure and patient-centric ambiance ensuring world-class medical attention and care. Additional specialty consultation can be done when needed and guidance is required for the patients.

The center should also offer medical tourists all over the world, superior quality cosmetic treatment at the cost that is highly affordable with results comparable to those with the best centers across the globe.

remember to choose the best surgeon with good hands-on experience. Cosmetic surgery is becoming a booming business each year as it does not just nip and tuck to appear younger and fresher. A great number of young women are undergoing a knife. It requires Excellence skill and professionalism. Choosing the best cosmetic surgeon Is the new wave of perfection that needs to be developed.

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