Top 7 Finishes of Fabuwood Cabinets – Complete Guide

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For the best kitchen design, it’s obvious to have the best kitchen cabinets. Indeed fabuwood cabinets are incredible for all the kitchens.

But, before settling on a kitchen reno, first, make sure that what you need. After setting up the mood and tone, now look at all other elements. Find out the ones that complement in the best ways. A kitchen reno project is both fun and exciting. It’s a challenging task.

Fabuwood kitchen cabinets help you a lot in having your dream kitchen into reality. Moreover, these cabinets bring life to the kitchen. Perhaps, kitchen cabinets are mainly designed for storage purposes. Cabinets make your kitchen clutter-free.

These tools help you in making the kitchen clean and the least messy. Just like other cabinets, fabuwood cabinets also have the same purpose. Of course, these cabinets can accommodate all the appliances.

Today, most homeowners prefer to have custom kitchen cabinets. However, if you are looking for some economical options, you can go for fabuwood kitchen cabinets.

Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets

Quality of Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets

No doubt, there are many essential aspects to consider while finding the right finish. Be vigilant. Never select the finish in one go. Instead of just seeing it right away, choose a finish that can handle the tough environment as well.

Though all finishes are good again, read the guide. Buy the one that can deal with moisture and temperature.

Along with exterior finishes, look at the interior finishes as well. Given below are some of the most common finishes you can find in these cabinets.

1. Abrasive finishes

Fabuwood kitchen cabinets with abrasive finishes are a great option. Most homeowners usually use this finish in custom cabinets. This is a high-end finish. These cabinets add a rustic appeal.

However, you can add them to both traditional and modern kitchens. Along with style, these cabinets are easy to clean and maintain. It would help if you had a damp cloth with a mild detergent to clean them.

2. Laminate

Laminate is the best feature of fabuwood. This is one of the popular finishes for fabuwood cabinetry. It comes in two looks. One is the pure wood-like look, and the second is the semigloss look.

Both these look to work ideally in all kitchens. The wood-like finish resembles the natural look of wood, and semigloss resembles the grain-like texture. However, this finish is highly durable and has easy upkeep as well.

3. Custom and semi-custom

Again these are the trendy as well as the popular fabuwood finishes. Semi-custom finishes mainly involve the replacement of the previous looks. It is changing the cabinet look with some unique details.

However, they are also delivered by the manufacturer. You don’t have to invest a lot. On the other hand, in custom finishes, you choose the door type, the base cabinets, the drawer types, and the soap dish styles. Indeed this is a superb method to create unique cabinets.

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4. Distressed

Fabuwood cabinets with distressed finishes are highly unique. These cabinets are merely painting cabinets to add a unique look. This is a rendered look and uses stem, paint, and glaze methods. This is just a washed-out or scratched method.

5. Glazed

Fabuwood cabinets with a glazed finish have a great color. These cabinets have a fine texture.

This finish mainly enhances the effect. For these cabinets, paint is coated with a gloss to appear more charismatic.

6. Natural

In the natural finish, there is not any tint. This is a pure wood color and has no extra paints. These kitchen cabinets provide a raw look. This is a natural look but has a protective coating.

These cabinets are highly durable. However, durability mainly depends on the type of wood.

7. Lacquer

When it comes to kitchen cabinet finishes, lacquer is one of the most likely options. While this is a good choice for bathrooms, it isn’t as popular in kitchens, owing to the lack of matte finish durability.

However, if you choose a high-quality product like wood glazing, the finish should last better than most lacquered products.

Styles of the Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets

The semi-custom style is the greatest option for making custom fabuwood kitchen cabinets. Although the semi-custom kitchen cabinets will only have a limited style option, the designs available will be far superior to those found in a ready-made set.

You’ll also be able to select from a variety of door and hardware colors for your kitchen set.

Having a stylish kitchen finish, whether it’s gloss, matte, or even semi-gloss, can bring your kitchen to life. Cabinet finishes are made of several materials, extending from aluminum to wood.

Add a perfect finish to your cabinets with a bake sale, satin, or distressed wood finishes. Picking these finishes can help your kitchen gets its allure.


When it comes to fabuwood cabinet finishes, you can select anyone. Of course, glossy, matte, and semigloss finish add decor to your existing kitchen. Now with these cabinets, you can have your desired look without denting your wallet.

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