Exercise for Increasing Back Strength for Injury Prevention

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As you age, your back starts getting more fragile. People usually claim that even at a very young age, they feel numbness and pain if they sit for too long.

Similarly, some people complain that standing for too long causes stabbing pain in the lower back regions.

According to physical health experts, this is mainly because of the posture-related issues however, just posture improvement will not cut it. Fitness gurus say that our passive lifestyle and the way we sit while working as well as desk jobs are ruining our bones’ health.

Eventually after crossing the bracket of 25 years, stabbing lower back pain gets very common.

However, experts also say that high calcium food, good exercises, and physical activity with improvement in the sitting posture will not only help with the overall back strength, it will also help you improve your quality of life.

With multiple exercises recommended by experts left and right, beginners find it very confusing to choose the one that will help them the most.

With an endless array of movement, an overwhelming number of muscle movement variations, and some of the most complex combinations, it might be easier for the experts and professionals to find a good exercise but a beginner will only struggle.

With the help of this article, we have listed down some of the easiest exercises that will help beginners and experts to strengthen their back muscles.

These exercises are selected based on ease of movement, better performance, intensity, and stimulation. For people who do not have enough equipment, we have also chosen the exercises that are easier and do not require any commercial gym equipment.

The Targeted Area for the Exercises

For each exercise, you need to know about the target area so you can track the progress. For this whole workout we have listed down some of the best exercises but you also need to keep in mind some of the main muscles that you need to target.

The primary target of this workout will be lats that are present below the region of the armpits. We will also target traps that run from the neck to the mid-back.

One of the most important parts will be the erector spinae which is a group of muscles that goes all the way down the spine and helps in back movement. Apart from this, we will also target rhomboids that are located in the mid-upper back.

Warm Session

The warm-up session is very important for the exercises because it makes you get ready for the workout. Most people think that warm-up is just for the easy stretch but experts explain that our body needs a warm-up session because it will eventually help us avoid the risk of injury.

For the warm-up session, you can start with 5 minutes of yoga or dynamic stretch spending on your personal preference.

Resistance Band Pull

This is so far the easiest, simplest yet most intense workout on our list. You just need to stand straight and then hold a resistance band with both hands.

Now try to stretch it like you are pulling it apart. One thing is very important, you need to follow a rhythm so you know that you are not overdoing it.

Pull Down

This is a very innovative take on some seriously intense gym-based working. You need a thick resistance band that you will be hanging by the roof. Now you need to sit down on a stool and grab the band with both hands.

Now slowly pull it down and hold it for two seconds. After two seconds, hold it loose so it can get back to its original position. This is a great workout that will eventually help you open up your back muscles.

Superman Fly

This is a very good workout for your back and it’s up to you to try the version that suits you the best. You need to lie down on your belly and then lift your arm straight up like you are about to fly.

While lifting your arm, also lift your feet from the ground so that only your belly is offering support to your body. This will help you work on your spine muscles.

Rope Chop

Rope chop is a very intense yet effective workout that is known as an athlete’s favorite. You just need a thick rope that you will be tucking somewhere near the bench. Now stand on the opposite side and extend your hand to hold the rope.

You need to pretend like you are cutting something with the role. Make sure you are moving one hand up while the other is down so the rope makes a wave-like structure.

Tips and Tricks

Although these exercises are very important and you will see the impact if you do not change your daily habits you will only be able to benefit from them partially. Some of the very easy tricks that can help you work on your back muscles include:

  • If you have a desk job, try to take five minutes walking break after 3 hours. This will help you improve back pain and also help with blood circulation.
  • Make sure you are sitting straight. In case you have bad posture, you can take help from a medicated backseat.
  • Adjust the phone right next to your laptop screen and do not bend while using a phone.
  • Use an extra monitor as an extended laptop screen.
  • Keep a small stool under your table so you can change posture or adjust your feet.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the; lifestyle you have and set a baseline first. If you know your main issues and how you rate the pain, this will help you set a baseline.

Eventually, you will be able to move from there. As you improve with the help of exercises you can track the progress as well.

However, in case you feel exercises are not working out for you, try to adjust the frequency first. Let your body rest for at least two days so you can heal. However, if you feel pain is not going away, there must be something wrong with the technique of workout.

In some cases, people do not keep their back straight which as a result strain back muscles. All in all, your aim should be to maintain a good body posture and a good lifestyle.



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