6 Essentials that this COVID-19 Pandemic Has Made You Always Carry in Your Bag

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Will you ever be used to the new normal? Hope it does not last long, and the normal the whole world knows goes back again quickly.

While everyone waits for everything to be fixed, all you can do right now is to be extra careful, pray unceasingly, and stay at home necessarily as much as possible.

However, in some countries, although there are still active cases of the COVID-19, some establishments and companies have come back to the office little by little.

To save the economy and the businesses during this crisis, they have tried to operate even in the middle of the pandemic. Many vehicles have come back to the road, and people are being allowed to go out for essentials. 

Staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s nothing much to worry about acquiring the things you need to be safe and sanitized when they are available at home, but when you go outside, you have to make sure that you bring them with you.

Actually, in a time like this when the surroundings feel and are a lot different from the usual, you have to be well-equipped with stuff you need to protect yourself from the virus out there.

All the time, it is best to be prepared with the essentials that will help you stay safe and healthy. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some things that you can no longer leave at home when you are going outside.

You have to carry them inside your bag, and they are no longer optional. Check them out from the helpful list below! 


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One of the most important things that everyone in the world is told to do because of the coronavirus is to sanitize hands as often as needed. It is said to be the best way to prevent yourself from catching illnesses, especially the detrimental virus.

Well, every time you touch surfaces, especially outside of your house, you should clean your hands after. 

Even though handwashing has been a part of life ever since the world began, it has become the top number on the to-do list today. The 20-second and the Happy Birthday Song-length handwashing have become more important as well. Clean water and hand soap are among the most famous buddies now. 

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When you leave the house though, most often, you cannot access a bar of soap and a functional faucet whenever you need to wash your hands.

That’s when alcohol and hand sanitizers are very helpful. According to the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention, people must use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that has more than 70% isopropanol or 60% ethanol.

Even if the public bathroom you used seems well-cleaned, wash your hands with soap and water, and still, use alcohol too.

After picking up canned goods in the grocery, after withdrawing money from the ATM, after picking up the delivery outside your house, after buying snacks in a nearby convenience store, sanitize both hands with the alcohol you have.

Essentials things to carry in coronavirus

Make sure you have a spray bottle with alcohol for easier access, but even the one with a flip-to-open cap will do. Put them in an area in your bag that is not hard to reach because you will definitely use them often when you are outside the house.

Even if alcohol bottles are supplied at the entrance doors of malls, stores, banks, and hotels that might have already operated limitedly, carrying your own hand sanitizer would be best!

Proper hand hygiene using alcohol and hand sanitizer are chief to effectively lessen the number of pathogens that may be found on the hands of healthcare workers after having contact with several patients.

And even though you go out of the house, but your destination is not a hospital or a clinic, you will not lose anything by following the same safety measures.

After all, humans now all need to be more cautious regardless of profession and life state. 


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A roll or a pack of tissue paper is significant for you to dry moist areas outside which you need to touch or wet items that you need to hold. You can bring them as you go out of the house; just be certain that your bag has enough space for it.

Moreover, there are pocket tissue packs for convenience and customizable tissue holders to bring wherever you go.

Know that bacteria build-up occurs in humid places, so you have to be careful of them too. Some might think that caring too much about that is sort of an overreaction, but nope! In these trying times, it’s always better to be prepared greater than the preparations of bacteria and viruses out there! 

There may be moments outside when you will choose to eat inside restaurants, cafes, and fast-food chains. You know sometimes, you need to pick up the food (such as chicken, fries, and burgers) with your own bare hands.

While that’s a normal thing before this pandemic happened, now, that’s quite risky, right? So you can use your clean tissue paper to divide your hands and your food. That’s convenience and safety in one. 


Hand hygiene is absolutely one of the most vital steps to safeguard yourself from disease-causing viruses like the COVID-19.

The great thing is that aside from soap and water, from alcohol and hand sanitizers, there are advantageous cleaning wipes as well! 

Some people do prefer using wet wipes when they are going to remove dirt on hands that could be oily and those which come with solid particles.

The reason is they find it easier to eliminate dirt since they can wipe them with a cloth and use force with it. Unlike bottled alcohol, wet wipes enable you to instantly wipe off the wetness that they discharge. 

What’s more, with a pack of wet wipes inside your bag, you have a multi-purpose cleaning material. Not only your hands but also items outside or brought from outside such as groceries, boxes, car door handles and more can be cleaned thoroughly and even more directly using wet wipes.

Furthermore, when you are eating outside, you can meticulously wipe the tables as you please without the tendency of causing some chemicals to go to your food or drinks unlike when you spray alcohol.

Cleaning wet wipes are amazing since they are like a fusion of liquid sanitizers and dry tissue paper. 

Even if you already have a bottle of alcohol in your bag, be mindful that wet wipes have their unique purposes that will be aidful for you when you go outside.

Just be responsible when using wipes; prepare a paper bag to throw them after use, but if you are inside a mall, a restaurant, a hotel, an office, or any public place, look for a bin to dispose of it properly.


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In some countries with several confirmed COVID-19 cases still present, some places are still in a quarantine mode to prevent the people from going out of their houses and spreading the virus.

Due to that, many roads are also temporarily closed or accessible with particular limits and schedules only.

If the above-mentioned case is the same in your country, it is important to have road passes for you to be able to use certain routes. Many cities have been stricter when it comes to letting non-residents enter their vicinity because of the threat of Coronavirus spreading.

You need these road passes to constantly be with you wherever you drive to or transport to, so you can avoid wasting time. 

Another type of pass called a quarantined pass is required in some cities in some countries. If your country is one of those, you know that only those people with a quarantined pass can go outside.

If you leave the house without it and get caught, you will face consequences for violating that rule. This pass is made to limit the number of people going outside, only for necessary purposes. 

Be sure that passes like these two are in your bag (or if demanded, worn by you) when you go out. 


Along with the passes previously mentioned, personal identification cards would be helpful too. If your local government only allows people of a certain age bracket to go out of the house or to enter public establishments and receive services from malls, restaurants, hotels, and more, identification cards might be requested from you.

Identification cards are solid proof of your age just in case you are suspected of being outside of the age bracket specified by the rules.

If you have one, you can also prove that the personalized road or quarantine pass belongs to you. 

Bringing a valid I.D. can give you benefits and can save you from certain possible mishaps when you go around outside during this pandemic when regulations are much stricter and observed. 


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“No face mask, no entry.” You most probably hear and see this sign and reminder wherever in the globe now. Pollen face masks highly prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 through water droplets coming from the mouth and nose.

When you talk with somebody, there are water droplets that come out from you and from the person you are conversing with; most of the time, you cannot see them. How much more when you cough or sneeze, right? Face masks protect you and the people around you. 

Wearing a face mask is no longer an option these days. It is used even more for health purposes other than just preventing yourself from inhaling vehicle smoke and unwanted odor.

Do not be confused; this tip is NOT telling you to keep your mask inside the bag. Rather, bring an extra face mask just in case you might need another one. 

If you think the mask you are wearing is too sweaty already or over-used, then an extra face mask is there anytime! Aside from face masks, there are face shields you can use too. Shield yourself and others.


In this COVID-19 pandemic crisis that the whole world is facing, keeping yourself safe and healthy is also keeping your family and loved ones at home the same. When you have to go out of the house, it is actually a risk you are going to take.

Why? Because this virus is not seen by the naked eye. That is why if you are tasked to go out to buy your family’s needs, see to it that you defend yourself completely and bring these essentials with you wherever you go now. 

This health-threatening crisis is serious, so be seriously concerned about your life and the lives of those you care for. Keep in mind that it’s better to be safe now than sorry later. 

 Nicole Ann Pore is the writer of this article.

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