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8 Essential Oils For Lustrous And Healthy Hair

Essential oils aka volatile oils are derivatives of fragrant plants. Roots, stems, and leaves of various therapeutic, herbal, and fragrant plants are distilled to produce essential oils in their crude form.

Essential oils find a place in various healing natural solutions since they have the power to reverse sun as well as pollution damage.

They are extremely popular in the cosmetic market and are used to make herbal scents, creams, serums, and much more. Most of them are highly edible too.

 According to Fortune Business Insights™, the global essential oils market size was valued at USD 7.03 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 14.6 billion by the end if 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 9.65% in the forecast period 2019-2026.

However, today, we will make a mention of 8 such essential oils that have the power to completely transform your hair, from damaged to glossy.

Have A Look At Our List Given Below:

1. Rosemary Oil for healthy hair

Rosemary Oil is one of the best essential oils that is blessed with scalp stimulating properties. It triggers the formation of new cells by supplying more blood around the scalp.

This results in the production of new and healthy hair follicles that grow up to form new hair strands. As a result, hair becomes thicker.[1]

2. Lavender Oil for healthy hair

Lavender Oil is one of those rare essential oils, that when supplied to the scalp, induce hair growth even in people suffering from alopecia, which is the primary reason for partial as well as complete baldness.

It stimulates nerve endings that help in the formation of new hair follicles. Thus, it makes hair thicker and reduces hair fall.[2]

3. Peppermint Oil for healthy hair

Peppermint essential oil reduces scalp inflammation that causes itching, acne, dandruff, and inflammation by triggering blood circulation around the scalp. Increased blood circulation nourishes the scalp and restores its disturbed pH level.

This reduces scalp damage that boosts follicle formation, resulting in reduced hair fall and increased thickness. It also makes coarse hair smooth by reducing split ends.[3]

4. Tea Tree Oil for healthy hair

Tea tree oil is a top-rated antimicrobial essential oil that is loaded with the goodness of antioxidants. It protects the scalp from microbial infections that keeps it safe from acne and lice. It also prevents hair from graying by killing free radicals.

It completely transforms damaged hair into smooth, stronger, longer, thicker, lustrous, and unbreakable.[4]

5. Geranium Oil for healthy hair

Geranium oil is basically a scalp cleansing essential oil that effectively works against free radicals and toxins that deteriorate scalp health. It unclogs the scalp pores and refreshes shrunken scalp cells.

It boosts their moisture level that produces healthy hair strands. Thus, the hair becomes thicker, bouncier, and lustrous.[5]

6. Clary Sage Oil for healthy hair

This is a highly fragrant essential oil that makes an exceptional anti-dandruff remedy. It hydrates dry scrap that reduces itching and inflammation. It nourishes the dry and shrunken scalp cells.

This repairs blotches and freckles. Thus, it is a revitalizing conditioning oil that removes dandruff. This is why It is used in many anti-dandruff shampoos.[6]

7. Ylang Ylang Oil for healthy hair

This is one exceptional essential oil that can nourish even unkempt and tangled hair that has split ends. It basically simulates the shrunken hair follicles by increasing blood circulation throughout the scalp.

New hair follicles start producing healthy hair strands that start replacing old and damaged hair strands with split ends. As a result, split ends are removed and hair texture improves.[7]

8. Thyme Oil for healthy hair

Thyme Oil is not just a hair length-promoting essential oil, it is also an antimicrobial oil that kills lice. It also reduces scalp inflammation caused due to lice-inflicted itching. Other than this, thyme oil reduces hair fall by strengthening the hair roots.

Roots become stronger because increased oxygen supply, a benefit of improved blood circulation, makes the follicles stronger. This reduces hair fall.[8]

The above-listed 8 essential oils are a solution for all hair problems. You just need to target the oil that caters to your specific hair problem and complements your scalp type.