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Helping Nurture a New Life 4 Reasons to Become an Egg Donor

Many women would love to have a baby but cannot. Often, these women go through the heartache of trying to get pregnant for years, only to find out they are infertile and cannot have children. When couples are longing to have a child, seeking an egg donor can change their lives. Nurturing life is so important to many which are why women should consider becoming an egg donor.

What Does It Mean to Be an Egg Donor?

Becoming an egg donor means a fertile woman donates one or more of her eggs to a woman who may need help with fertility so that woman can have a child. When a woman agrees to become an egg donor, a surgical procedure is carried out to remove some of her eggs. These eggs are then fertilized in a laboratory and the fertilized eggs are implanted in the recipient’s uterus via a process called in-vitro fertilization. Women can also donate to a facility and have their eggs frozen for future use.

4 Reasons Women Should Become Egg Donors

Many women are surprised to learn they have about a million eggs when they are born. By the time they reach puberty, this number is down to around 300,000. Some women produce no eggs at all or their eggs are not viable. For these women, IVF is beneficial for allowing them to have a child. The following offers insight into the reasons women should consider becoming an egg donor.

  1. Egg donors allow couples to give birth to a child and complete their family. There are millions of couples who cannot have children and IVF allows them to have the child they have always wanted. Knowing your egg produced a miracle for a childless couple is worth the effort.
  2. Those who donate their eggs are contributing to advances in medical science that will help couples who are having difficulty conceiving, for many years to come. Being a part of something much bigger than themselves is one of the reasons many women donate their eggs.
  3. Becoming an egg donor allows women to help other women and become an advocate to let them know they are not alone. Women who cannot have children often feel ostracized. Allowing them to become a mother changes them and can change the world around them.
  4. When women donate their eggs, they are often able to discover more about themselves and their passions. Many women become so passionate about the subject, they become activists in helping women all over the world, conceive the children they so desperately desire.

How to Get Started

IVF is a life-changing experience for couples and it all begins with egg donors. There are a few criteria for those who want to donate. Being in good health and between the ages of 18-28 is important. With a careful screening process, donors are chosen, allowing women to receive the eggs they need so they can carry and deliver a healthy baby.


A woman is born with more eggs than she would possibly need in a lifetime. Sharing her eggs with infertile women is one of the best ways a woman can make a difference in the lives of others. Those who want to donate should visit the website to learn more.


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