what helps bruises go away quicker

what helps bruises go away quicker

EASY BRUISING (Ecchymosis) 

how to make a bruise go away with Home remedies

Easy bruising home remedies

SYMPTOMS of bruising 

Frequent and easily made bruising, when others around you do not seem to have this problem.

CAUSES of bruising 

Low fiber diets, containing little fruit and vegetables. In other words, junk foods such as coffee, tea, white flour products, and soft drinks.


HOME REMEDIES for bruising 

  • Frequent bruising indicates that the body’s clotting factors are not strong. Take more vitamin K. Vitamin D is another natural clotting factor. Take care of yourself—and don’t bang yourself against things!
  • Some people are more prone than others to produce bruise spots. That can be a sign of kidney and liver disorders.
  • Anemia can also cause bruising, as well as allergies.
  • Other factors that make one more susceptible to bruising are overweight and the time of menstruation.
  • Purplish bumps under the skin which do not heal and look like bruises could be a sign of AIDS. Leukemia can also cause frequent or large bruises.
  • Aspirin causes internal bleeding and can increase surface bruise marks. Also beware of anti-clotting drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, antidepressants, asthma medicines. Alcohol and hard drugs will weaken the clotting factors also.
  • Helpful herbs include burdock, aloe vera, cayenne, kelp, and white oak bark.
  • Garlic, alfalfa, and rose hips are useful.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar for Bruises


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