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Early Stage of pregnancy and YOU!

Pregnancy is an incredible feeling and a beautiful journey full of unique experiences. The moment you are pregnant, you begin to feel another life...
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Early Stage of pregnancy and YOU!

Pregnancy is an incredible feeling and a beautiful journey full of unique experiences. The moment you are pregnant, you begin to feel another life inside of you.

As important as it is to take care of the life that is breathing inside of you, it is also important to listen to yourself and take good care of yourself.

In the 1st week of your early pregnancy, it’s important to use the Mylo Pregnancy and Parenthood app to learn about everything you need to know during this early stage of pregnancy.

Here is a brief excerpt of the tips mentioned in the Mylo app to help you practice healthy self-care during pregnancy

Eat For Two

Now you are eating for two. With the right diet and foods, your baby can get all the essential nutrients. Plus, food is a mood booster. Since early pregnancy can be stressful, exhausting, and trigger many emotions, food is your medicine, and the right choices can lift your mood. Eat a plate of colorful vegetables and fruits at all meals.

It’s a proven fact that the more colorful your plate, the better you eat! A quick way to help is to try eating foods in the colors of the rainbow, and quite often. Add salmon, avocado, spinach, and berries because they are good for your baby’s development and also lift your mood at the same time.

Physical Activity Is A Must

As the baby grows inside you, you’ll get heavier and you may not think about exercising, but the positive effects of physical activity are undeniable.

Just 20 minutes of moderate aerobic activity is guaranteed to lift your spirits. Wear your shoes and go for a stroll.

Prenatal yoga, swimming, and water aerobics are considered safe for pregnancy. Ask your doctor or health care practitioner what a safe exercise session looks like for you, depending on your fitness level, and wear a monitor or smartwatch to track your progress.

Enjoy ‘ME’ Time

Life is crazy and we are distracted by so many things going on around us. You have to choose what to listen to and pay attention to and what to ignore or avoid. When you are pregnant, this becomes even more tedious and annoying. So, learn to say no and focus on what is more important.

Setting clear boundaries will make your life easier and less stressful. When dealing with mood swings and emotional triggers in the first week, it is important to give yourself a break and take care of yourself and relax. True self-care means listening to your body.

So, if you need a midday nap, take it. It can even be as simple as giving yourself a little downtime with a warm cup of tea. Just think of pregnancy as your 9-month permission to give up unwanted things, enjoy without guilt, and indulge.

Nature is Very Helpful!

Being in tune with nature during pregnancy is wonderful. Meditating or taking a simple walk-in nature will help you feel refreshed.

Relaxation therapy helps you calm down and enjoy the gentle breeze and chirping birds. You can combine meditation and outdoor exercise and reap the benefits of self-care in a variety of ways. A pair of shoes and fresh air is all you need.

Treat Yourself To a Skin Care Routine

Clean beauty is booming right now, and it’s easy to see why. Many personal care products contain chemicals that are not safe during pregnancy, so you need to be careful.

Pregnancy is the perfect time to review your beauty arsenal and replace as much as possible with vegan, non-toxic brands, and Mylo is your go-to source for products to pamper yourself with.

Pregnancy also affects your skin, and it’s a great time to get glowing again with the right products for your skin that are safe during pregnancy and for your baby.

Of course, skincare is about more than just your face, and there are quite a few pregnancy products you can use for a self-care routine.

If your belly is itchy or dry, Mylo’s Stretch Marks Cream with Saffron, Shea Butter & Kokum helps with stretch marks, heals itching, reduces dark spots and wrinkles. It helps tighten loose skin after childbirth.

You already take care of your belly from the inside. This cream nourishes it from the outside with a pregnancy-friendly formula of coconut oil, kokum, saffron and shea butter.

Digital Detox

The digital world can get crazy and weird. The more you engage with it, the more you feel lost and distracted. A digital detox will help you clear out the clutter and focus on what you need and what you can easily leave out.

With pregnancy apps like Mylo Pregnancy and Parenthood, you can focus entirely on your pregnancy. The app is designed to answer all your questions about the 9 months of pregnancy and curiosity about what lies ahead.

Take a day away from the digital world. This will help you feel healthier and less anxious. By blocking out the unnecessary noise, you can use the digital world in your favor and stay informed and get answers from the apps related to pregnancy, such as Mylo Pregnancy and Parenthood App.