Why is it important to take care of your ears

Ear protection tips from specialists
Ear protection tips from specialists

Ear protection tips from the specialists in Singapore Ear Nose Throat ENT Specialist Clinic

High pitched sound is bad for ears as it can result in hearing loss, but it is not the only reason for hearing impairment that can also happen from falls, walking problems, and even dementia. Research from John Hopkins reveals that mild hearing loss can double the risk of dementia.

Hearing loss is very frustrating because the damage is seldom reversible meaning that if it is gone, it goes away forever. Whatever might be the extent of damage, you must live with it for the rest of your life.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of the risks and identify the problems early that helps in early diagnosis and gives the chance to find solutions to the problem before it goes beyond control.

These ear protection tips should help to maintain healthy ears that ensure good audibility.

Use earplugs to muffle the loud noise

Noise-induced hearing loss is most prevalent because of people working in a noisy environment with loud sounds ringing into the ears continuously are the worst hit. It also happens when listening to very loud music in leisure environments.

Any equipment like chainsaws and lawnmowers or events at clubs and concerts that emit high decibel sound are all hazardous for ears. When you are moving around in places of high sound, make sure to use earplugs that reduce noise to acceptable levels.

Turn volume down

Listening to music from audio devices poses a great threat to ear health because according to WHO (World Health Organization) 1.1 billion youngsters and teenagers are susceptible to hearing loss due to unsafe use of audio devices.

There is nothing wrong to enjoy music by using headphones or earbuds provided you follow the 60/60 rule is the opinion of the specialists at any Ear Nose Throat Head & Neck ENT Specialist Clinic. Use headphones not more than 60 minutes a day at 60% volume.

Do not use cotton swabs in your ear

why is it important to take care of your ears

Cleaning ear wax by using cotton swabs is a common sight but this is dangerous because it can damage the eardrum that leads to hearing loss in many cases. Ear wax in a small amount in the ear is normal and even necessary.

Wax protects the ear by preventing dust and other harmful elements from entering the ear canal. Using a damp towel to clean the ear canal gently is good enough. However, seeking help from an ENT specialist is the best option.

Let the ears have some rest

After you experience loud noise for quite some time like being at a concert or in a bar, you must ensure that as soon as you are out from the place, you must give your ears ample time to rest and recover.

It is best to intermittently come out from the place for about five minutes and then go back so that the stress on the ear eases out.

During bathing or swimming, you must ensure that water should not enter the ear and take measures to keep it dry.

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