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How to clean carpet at home without vacuum

How Can We Clean a Rug Without a Steam Cleaner?

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The home flooring varies in every part of the world. Even the décor of the floor is also variable. Some like to spread the rugs and carpets to enhance beauty, others may use mats.

It depends and changes according to the need. Rugs are commonly found in every house for decoration and delicacy. No doubt, they beautify the entire home decor. The rugs are found in many varieties. They range from light colors to bright colors. It is all your choice.

The rugs absorb the dust that comes to the floor. Rug steam cleaning is the best option for keeping up the floor rugs. But it is a bit expensive way for maintaining your floor rugs.

A steam cleaner is a heavy-duty machine that grabs a lot of money. This may disturb your financial budget. If you go for expert services, they apply this technique to clean a rug.

Clean a rug without steam cleaner

It is now a day no more a big deal to clean a rug without a steam cleaner machine. There are so many other ways of washing and drying it.

A steam cleaner is not necessary every time. Science and technology have introduced so many strategies for keeping up your rugs. Only you need to search and study in detail the relevant cleaning information.

The data and information collection is very important before doing any activity. The basics of every process are important. The rugs on the floor get dirty quickly because of the easy target for dust particles. In the home, you can take many steps to keep up rugs neat.

Start from dusting

When you clean at home, the very first step is the removal of the dust layer from the surfaces of the rug. The soil particles usually come from the surrounding air, footsteps, and shoes.

All these factors contribute to dirtiness. The cleaning of the rug is vital for health and the environment. Take out a broom brush or use a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum is a good remover of dust and cleans the rug in a good way.

Apply the home-made cleaner

A home pantry is a place where you can find so many valuable things. Like you can use vinegar, baking soda, lime juice, detergent liquid, essential oil, and many more others. These items prepare a good cleaning product for the dirty rugs.

The use of vinegar solution is excellent in getting outstanding results. Take half a cup of vinegar, add a half cup of baking soda, and about 4 cups of water.

Fill this solution into the bottle and spray it over the surface of the rug and leave it for about half an hour. Clean it with a wet cloth piece. It excellently eradicates the obnoxious stains from the surface of the rug.

The hydrogen peroxide powder is also very helpful in regaining the original colors and freshness of the fur. The best rug cleaning technique is the application of hot steam but too expensive.

Instead of it, these home cleaning hacks also give the same results. Sprinkle evenly the hydrogen peroxide on the fur of the rug and let it sit for two hours and then rub it with a wet sponge.

Use of market cleaners

The shops have a lot of variety of such carpet cleaners. They are fast and quick in outcomes. Only you have to keep in mind some of the main points. Do not buy any strong chemical cleaner.

Take the one which has a green chemical in it. It shouldn’t cause abrasiveness to the texture of the rug. Before applying on your rug, read the instructions with great care, and take all precautionary measures for safety.

Avoid over drenching

Yes, it is very important that while washing your rugs, do not drench them. Try to apply a minimal amount of water to the surface. Less water usage helps in easy and quick drying.

Otherwise, you may have to face a long drying procedure. This gets tiring and irritable. Rather than getting quick results, you are stuck into long procedures.


The professional rug cleaners have large voltage blowers for quick drying but in homes, you can do other strategies. Like open up windows, turn on ceiling fans and exhaust fans. Use small air dryers for evaporating the moisture level inside the rug.

Its removal is important to keep your rug fresh and safe. The hydrating surfaces catch a lot of bacteria making the rug unsafe and unhealthy.

Disinfect the rug

The spray of good sanitizers helps in the deletion of microbes and other harmful parasites. The moisture places are a good site for their reproduction and growth. Their deletion is possible through such disinfecting sprays on regular basis.