4 Things You Didn’t Know about Dungeness crab

Dungeness crab 1
Dungeness crab 1

As we all know that seafood is one of the largest food-providing entities in the world and people across the globe love to eat seafood and enjoy the versatility in the food types.

Not only do they try to explore and know about the new and amazing creatures living in the sea they also try to eat those which are perfectly eatable and are found in sheer abundance.

People all over the world crave different types of cuisines and most of all seafood is the best choice for them. Crabs are considered one of the most sold seafood items all over the world after fish.

It is because it consists of all the important and essential nutrients which a person needs to have in his daily diet but there is a question of getting the proper and best quality of crabs to eat.

Crabs may occur in abundance but they can get stale in a short duration of time which decreases the possibility of getting fresh crabs to eat from the market.

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In this article, we will provide you will all sorts of possible and amazing information about the Dungeness crab with all the details about it.

We will also tell you the top four most essential yet unknown things about the Dungeness crab which you would never have known your whole life till now.

All the content will be thoroughly researched and you will be mesmerized to know that you have understood everything without doing any strenuous mental effort.

So without taking more of your precious time, we will jump straight towards some of the best and the most amazingly unknown top 4 things which you did not know about the Dungeness crab until now.

They Can Never Be Caught Singlehandedly:

They Can Never Be Caught Singlehandedly

Well, you may have seen some notorious animals and if we consider Dungeness crab one of them then it would not be wrong.

Don’t get mistaken because of the small size because they can give you a hard time catching them. They are caught in the modern days using pot nets which are specially designed to lure them in with bait like clams herrings and squids.

Winter Is the Hunting Season of Dungeness Crab:

Winter Is the Hunting Season of Dungeness Crab

These crabs are not available for hunting because of their increasing demand and decreasing abundance. Their hunting season starts at the end of November but the fishermen start to harvest them usually before that date.

The amazing thing is that only one-quarter of the crab consists of eatable meat. So this amazing seafood is available in the winter season at a much lower rate as the market is filled with them in winters.

It Has a Slightly Sweeter Flavor:

It Has a Slightly Sweeter Flavor

There is no doubt that the crabs are one of the tastiest seafood in the whole wide world but there is a reason why the Dungeness crab is on the top of the sales in the categories of crabs.

The reason behind this is that the meat of the Dungeness Crab is considered to be slightly sweeter as compared to the snow crab and all the other equally sold crabs in the market.

With this sweet flavor, it also comes with another quality that the meat of Dungeness Crab does not contain the bad scent of the ocean which makes the food smell real bad while eating and a person could not enjoy it properly. Due to all these reasons, the Dungeness crab is sold more even than the king crab.

Their Name Is Driven From their Habitat:

Their Name Is Driven From their Habitat

This is probably the most interesting thing which most people all over the globe would not know until you have a strange love with a Dungeness crab.

The interesting thing about this crab is that it is named after its habitat. Yes, the name of this crab is indeed driven from the place where these crabs were initially found in abundance.

They were usually found near a small village near Washington which was considered to be the natural habitat of these crabs.

These type of crabs were caught and started to get sold in the market after the 1880s and has been one of the most sold crab types in the market.


Seafood is loved all over the world so this is the main reason why people hunt and eat different types of crabs.

Out of all the species of the present in the water, the Dungeness Crab is considered to be one of the most delicious aquatic animals in terms of taste but there are a lot of the things which usually people don’t know about it until now.

So these are all the best and the most amazing four things which you never knew about the Dungeness Crab.

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So stay tuned with us for amazingly informative content and till then we wish you happy crab hunting.