What is dna extraction used for

(Last Updated On: 2018-06-11)

 Features Of Different DNA Extraction Kit

There is a number of critical diseases in the world and people want to cure their diseases so that they can live their lives in healthy and happiest way.

A solution of every disease is available but you should know that how to get rid of your disease. Cell-free DNA which is available in the bloodstream is one of most sting cell that will recognize the status and level of your disease. Suppose, you are suffering from cancer and want to know about the level of your cancer disease, then go through to cell-free DNA extraction test find out cell-free DNA quantity in your blood sample. Not only a blood sample is needed for this type of extraction, serum or plasma may also use for cell-free DNA (cfDNA) extraction. This cDNA is not only useful for disease analysis but also effective in many applications which are real-time PCR, digital PCR, and sequencing of next generation.

Now, the question is that how will you perform Cell-Free DNA Extraction Kit by BioChain Institute Inc. There is the number of cfDNA extraction test kit are available in the market. Each type of extraction kit has its own feature. Some of top rated and accurate analysis based extraction kits are:

1. MagMAX cell-free DNA isolation kit
2. cfPure cell-free DNA extraction kit
3. Amsbio cell-free DNA extraction kit
4. Epiquik cell-free DNA isolation kit

Features of MagMAX cell-free DNA isolation kit are:

• automation and Chemical free extraction facility
• The scalable format is provided for both lower and higher input volumes
• The range of elution volume is from 15 µL to 50 µL
• Flexible protocol for using the different range of sample volumes like urine, serum or plasma

Features of cfPure cell-free DNA isolation kit are:

• Chemicals used in this DNA isolation kit are totally nontoxic
• Automation compatibility is provided
• Recovery of cell-free DNA is with higher accuracy and on the fastest speed
• Purified DNA is suitable for applications like NGS, PCR, Bisulfite sequencing etc.
• Provide scalable sample input volume of plasma and serum which is about approx 10 ml

Features of Amsbio cell-free DNA isolation kit are:

• Effective automation facility with varying volume samples of the input
• Effective in both time and cost factor
• Magnetic bead-based one of first purification method is used in Amsbio extraction kit
• Optimized protocol is used to achieve higher reproducible results
• Other magnetic bead-based methods yields for the higher relative method

Features of Epiquik cell-free DNA isolation kit are:

• No gels, columns or centrifugation is needed.
• The straightforward and fast procedure is used which can be finished within 2 hours.
• Removal of many substances like proteins, salts, and PCR inhibiting substances
• Manual and automated friendly for scaling factor with 96 well plate

Price of above given all extraction kits are different. You can choose the best one cell-free DNA extraction test kit for your effective test result. It will be good if you also check the reviews and ratings of the accuracy of DNA extraction kit before buying.


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