How to detox the liver naturally with food

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Dr Sarah Edwards MD
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What is a Liver Detox Cleanse?

A liver detox cleanses can be compared to doing your laundry to remove dirt and other impurities from the clothes that you wear. A liver detox works in the same way because it removes the impurities from your liver so that it is clean and ready to work at its highest level again.

This improves your health and ensures that toxins are not allowed to accumulate and cause problems.

The First part  of liver detox

The first part of a liver detox cleanse is filtering your liver so that you can remove all of the built-up toxins. This is where you are looking for problems like you would search for stains on your clothes.

You want to identify the foods that are causing your liver to experience issues and then identify the foods that will benefit your liver and help it to get rid of all of the toxins. This is a critical part of the process and it is where you will get started so that you only give your liver exactly what it needs.

The second part of liver detox

The second part of the detox is the first phase. This is where your liver is going to take all of the bad and harmful substances and transform them so that they can no longer cause problems.

The toxins get neutralized so that they then become water-soluble compounds. However, at this time, the reactivity of the toxins is increasing. This can cause problems for your health if you do not immediately get started on the second phase. Think of phase one as the pre-wash cycle you use when doing your laundry.

The second detox phase takes up where the first one left off and it acts as the final stage for transforming the toxins so that they can be moved out of the body.

This stage is driven by amino acids in the body because they attach themselves to the toxins to neutralize and then push them out of the body. This is the cycle during laundry that works to remove the debris and dirt from clothing.

Just like your clothing, this phase takes all of the impurities from the liver and gets them flushed out of the organ and the body as a whole. The final stage is where elimination occurs. Certain toxins are removed via the kidneys and urine and others are removed via the digestive tract in the form of stool.

This step in the liver detox process is like the spin and drain cycle during laundry. Everything is essentially washed away and removed so that the liver can function at its highest level.

This is the most critical part of the process because it is when the liver is essentially healing and getting clean. Once this is over, the detox ends and it is up to you to ensure that your liver continues to get what it needs for optimal functioning.

Preparing for a liver detox

Preparing for a Liver Detox Cleanse The biggest part of preparation is getting ready for your detox diet. This means that you need to toss all of the foods that contributed to the liver accumulating toxins.

All processed foods and junk foods are prohibited during a detox diet. You can donate these foods or throw them away. The key is that they are no longer in your home to tempt you when you are doing your detox diet. Once you get rid of all of these, you can start replacing them with your detox foods.

The exact foods you need will depend on the exact detox diet that you plan to use. However, in general, you want plenty of organic fruits and vegetables, teas, and bottled water.

Herbs and healthy oils are also common during a liver detox to cleanse. You generally cannot have any meats or poultry during this time and you will get your proteins from legumes.

The protein amounts are generally lower since the liver metabolizes proteins and the most important part of a cleanse is to essentially give the liver a break so that it can detoxify and be healthy. If you have diabetes or other issues with blood sugar control, you usually have to adjust a liver detox cleanse to accommodate this.

For example, orange juice is a common factor in cleanses, but oranges also have natural sugars that you do not want to get a lot of. In this case, you could switch it out for a homemade lemonade drink that combines freshly squeezed lemons, water, and a pinch of organic honey to sweeten it.

There are also liver cleanse products that are diabetic-friendly that can help you to complete your cleanse without blood sugar issues. You need to take the time to mentally prepare for this cleanse because they are not easy.

You will need the discipline to complete your cleanse without any slip-ups. As long as you are fully mentally prepared, you will be able to get through your cleanse and enjoy greater health.

Stop junk and processed foods

About two weeks before you cleanse, start gradually eliminating processed and junk foods from your diet. Once you start your cleanse, you will already be eating healthier and this will make it a lot easier to transition into your cleanse and stick with it throughout the entire term.

If you have any health conditions or take any medications, you must consult your physician before you embark on a liver detox cleanse. You must do this because certain people are not able to adopt such a restrictive diet, even temporarily, for detox cleanse.

Your doctor can also help you to choose the best foods and create meals that will leave you satisfied throughout the cleanse so that you are not tempted to cheat or go off of your cleanse early. You also need to ensure that all of the foods that you are incorporating are not going to interact with your medications.

Many liver detoxes cleanse benefit from certain supplements to ensure that your body has everything it needs for optimal health. These are usually things like multivitamins and other nutrient supplements.

You are simply replacing nutrients that you are not getting with food due to the temporary diet restriction. Your doctor can help you to choose supplements that are healthy and ones that will not interfere with your cleanse or any medications that you take daily.

Just make sure to choose high-quality supplements so that you can ensure that they are healthy. Foods That Naturally Cleanse the Liver A liver detox cleanse is all about the foods that you eat during the five days cleanse period.

It is important to eat healthy foods, but you also want to eat foods that encourage the detox process and improve the health of the liver. Certain foods do this and you will consume them regularly during the detox process and throughout the time after to help ensure that the health of your liver is maintained after your detox.

First and foremost, you need to drink plenty of water throughout the liver detox cleanse process. You can also drink herbal teas and teas to give yourself a little break from so much water. Even your body is hydrated, thus reducing your risk of gallstones and other health issues that can affect your liver.

liver detox home remedy


Getting plenty of water also ensures that you are urinating regularly and having regular bowel movements. Both of these are critical because they are what flush the toxins from your body after your liver filters them out.

On average, you need at least 64 ounces of water every 24 hours to ensure this. The following foods are critical for an effective liver detox cleanse:

Brussels sprouts

This is one of the most important foods for effective liver detox cleanse. Brussels sprouts work to purge toxins from the blood so that the body can eliminate them. They also boost antioxidant levels to help protect the liver and encourage the highest level of liver health. b)


Garlic is best known for its ability to promote greater cardiovascular health. However, it also helps to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels. This is important because it prevents the liver from having to filter too much of these. c)


Carrots help to naturally detoxify the liver thanks to having a high level of glutathione. They also contain other liver-healthy nutrients, such as vitamin B6, vitamin C, and potassium. Eating carrots raw will also ensure regular bowel movements due to their fiber content.


Tomatoes have a high level of glutathione and this nutrient is critical for natural and regular liver detoxification. It is important to eat these when they are fresh to get the best results. You can further the liver-healthy benefits by consuming them with either fresh sea salt or balsamic vinaigrette.


Grapefruit contains both pectin and glutathione. Glutathione works to naturally detoxify the liver to prevent toxin accumulation. Pectin is an important nutrient for helping to reduce cholesterol levels.

It is important to keep cholesterol levels low because high cholesterol can cause problems with the liver and prevent it from effectively filtering out toxins regularly.


Spinach is packed with critical nutrients, including glutathione. This ensures that your liver is constantly removing toxins and impurities. The other nutrients give you the added benefit of protecting against cancer and certain diseases that can negatively affect the health of your liver.


Walnuts are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and glutathione. The glutathione is an antioxidant that encourages detoxification of the liver and helps to protect it against disease and damage. You can easily incorporate walnuts into your detox diet by adding them to salads and even fresh juices.

h) Avocado: Avocado is a nutrient powerhouse when it comes to your liver. This food contains monounsaturated fats which are critically important for keeping your cholesterol levels low for optimal overall and liver health. It also contains the most important liver nutrient, glutathione, so that your liver is constantly removing toxins.


Beets are an important food for the liver because they are high in beta-carotene and plant flavonoids. These nutrients are critical for the health of the liver. They help to boost the overall function of the liver and they stimulate liver function so that it detoxifies the body faster and more effectively.

 Leafy green vegetables

These vegetables have the unique ability to be able to neutralize chemicals, heavy metals, and pesticides in the body. They also work like a sponge to essentially soak up any toxins that are present in the bloodstream. This helps to keep the body cleansed so that the liver does not have to work as hard.

These vegetables also work to protect the liver against disease and damage. Some of the best leafy green vegetables to incorporate into your detox cleanse include bitter gourd, dandelion greens, mustard greens, arugula, spinach, and chicory.

Olive oil

Olive oil is a healthy oil as long as you consume it in moderation. It helps to suck up harmful toxins so that they can be removed from the body. This helps because it means that your liver does not have to work as hard to detoxify the body.

 Alternative Grains

When you are doing your detox diet, you will incorporate a small number of healthy grains because these are rich in fiber. These are most important during the juicing phase of your detox because you are not getting as much fiber from juiced fruits and vegetables as you do from raw ones.

Millet, quinoa, and buckwheat are examples of alternative grains for your cleanse. They help to filter out toxins without introducing gluten into your diet. This ensures that your liver enzymes are working optimally to cleanse your liver and keep it as healthy as possible.

Herbs that Work to Cleanse the Liver When you are going through a liver detox cleanse, herbs play an important role in the process. Certain herbs are known for helping to cleanse the liver and eliminate toxins.

You can incorporate these into your detox diet so that you can reap the most rewards from the process. Before you start using herbs, it is important to talk to your doctor. You want to make sure that the herbs are safe for you and that you do not combine any herbs that may adversely interact with one another. This will ensure safety about the most benefits from the herbs that you use.

Milk thistle

Milk thistle is probably the most popular herb for liver cleansing and health. It helps to protect the liver by stopping substances that are harmful to damaging the cells of the liver. It also contains compounds that will help the cells of the liver regenerate to ensure maximum health.

The nutrient glutathione cannot be deleted when using this herb, ensuring maximum liver detoxification throughout the process. You can use a milk thistle in the form of a tea or you can take a pre-made supplement. Just make sure to follow the dosage and administration instructions exactly.

Dandelion root comes from those small yellow flowers that grow throughout your yard each spring. You can consume dandelion root in the form of a tea or a pre-made supplement. Just follow all administration and dosage instructions exactly.

This herb helps the liver to regenerate so that it has all of the power necessary to detoxify itself and be healthy. The positive effects of this herb generally begin as soon as you take the first dose. Some experts believe that the tea form of this herb is more effective than pills, so it is best to drink dandelion root tea during a liver detox.

Globe artichoke

Globe artichoke is a herb that many people are not aware of, but it is a powerful herb for liver health. This herb works similar to milk thistle with its ability to help regenerate liver cells.

This is thanks to caffeoylquinic acids, a compound found in this herb. It is critical to get the right dose, so you must follow the dosage instructions exactly when using this herb. It only comes in the form of a capsule, so there is no option to drink the tea.

You should consume the capsule whole with a full glass of water for best results.


Turmeric is a herb that helps with a wide variety of health issues, including encouraging liver detoxification and helping to protect the liver. Turmeric contains curcumin and this is the compound that gives it its beneficial effects. This herb helps to reduce inflammation in the liver and encourages the liver to expel toxins.

Most turmeric comes in the form of tablets and capsules making it easy to incorporate into your detox cleanse. Make sure to take the right dosage to receive the most benefit from this herb, and follow the administration instructions exactly. Other herbs may be of benefit when you are doing a liver cleanse. These herbs include the following:

This herb is not well-known, but it is one of the most effective herbs for liver detoxification. It helps to stop biliary colic and it contains an array of antioxidants. Antioxidants are important for the liver because they protect it and its cells against potentially serious damage.

Chanca Piedra

This herb is common among the people in the Amazon. For centuries, people have used this herb to eliminate toxins from the liver. It helps the liver to essentially self-purge itself and it helps to promote more bile production for digestive regularity.

 Chicory root

This is one of the most powerful herbs when it comes to cleansing the liver. It goes back centuries to promote liver health and prevent liver diseases, such as jaundice and toxin accumulation.

Greater celandine

This herb goes back to ancient Roman and Greek times. This power liver cleanser works to eliminate foreign particles from the liver so that they are not able to build up and cause problems with the liver. It also helps to improve a sluggish liver and relieve spasms of the gallbladder.


Peppermint is a great stimulator and this is also true for the liver. It helps to move toxins out of the liver and reduce cholesterol levels so that the liver is more effective in filtering out toxins. It also promotes optimal digestion by calming the stomach and gallbladder.

Organic yellow dock root

This herb is one of the most common herbal liver cleansers. It promotes more bile production to help in breaking down fatty foods. It promotes the natural detoxification of the liver so that toxins are continuously flushed away. It also promotes urination because it is a natural diuretic so that toxins are continuously removed from the body.

 Herbal bitters

Herbal bitters are effective in stimulating the digestive system. This is important because when the digestive system is working effectively, the liver can flush more toxins out of the body.


This is not a herb, but it is an important amino acid that you can take in supplement form during a liver detox. It helps the liver to detoxify itself. It is required for the formation of glutathione, a type of antioxidant that is critical for protecting the cells of the liver and the liver itself.

Steps to a Liver Detox Cleanse In general, the average liver detox cleanse lasts for five days. During these five days, you are going to eat a very specific diet to encourage toxin elimination and optimal liver health.

This fast includes two days of raw foods and vegetables and then three days of fresh juice fasting. You will begin with the raw foods and follow up with the juicing. The first step is to focus on only eating fresh fruits and vegetables in their raw state.

This will ensure that you are getting plenty of fiber so that you are having regular bowel movements to eliminate the toxins. You will also start with increasing your water intake. The first thing you will do each morning is drinking eight ounces of water.

This helps to get things moving to ensure urination and bowel movements. Hydration is also critical throughout the entire liver detox cleanse because water is necessary for toxin elimination.

The second step involves adding some fresh herbs to your raw foods.

Things like ginger help to increase toxin elimination and it gives you some flavor choices to ensure that you do not get bored with the foods that you can eat. Another part of this step is adding things like fresh garlic and extra virgin olive oil to your raw foods.

All of this encourages digestive system function so that the toxins are constantly being drawn out of the liver and then eliminated from your body. The third step is where you will transition from raw foods to juicing.

Since juicing removes a lot of the fiber from fruits and vegetables, you want to add something like chia seeds to your juices for fiber. You can all use an all-natural and organic fiber supplement if this is what you prefer. You can use the supplement with plain water or mix it into your juices.

The key is to follow the dosage instructions exactly and make sure that you follow them throughout the three days of juice fasting that you will do on your liver detox cleanse.

The fourth part is incorporating any supplements to ensure that your body has the nutrients that it needs. You will start incorporating these on day three.

If you are already using supplements, you are generally able to continue taking these throughout your detox diet. Just make sure that you are not taking anything that is known for being harsh on your liver or else this may hinder your cleanse results.

Your doctor can help you to determine if any supplements that you take are not liver-friendly. For example, some protein supplements are so high in protein that they cause your liver to work overtime and you may need to cut these out or decrease them throughout your detox for best results.

The final step is transitioning from your liver detox cleanse back to normal eating. It is important to go slow or else you could experience digestive upset. when you start reintroducing healthy proteins and carbohydrates, make sure that the portions are small.

If you experience digestive upset, make the portions smaller and slowly work your way back up to regular portion sizes. You can continue to do juicing daily to ensure that the results of your liver detox cleanse last.

Effects of a Liver Detox Cleanse At the end of a liver detox cleanse, you will feel lighter and healthier, and you will also have more energy. Throughout the cleanse, there are other effects to be aware of because these are a direct result of your body eliminating toxins and your liver getting healthier.

As long as you are aware of these in advance, you can prepare and do things to help reduce them. It is important to note that some unpleasant side effects are considered normal and they are helping to ensure that your liver is reaping the full benefits.

The following cleansing reactions are common during a liver detox to cleanse:

  1. A lot of bacteria is killed off during the detox process causing endotoxins to temporarily flood the body. This is a positive reaction that ensures a stronger cleansing reaction.
  2. Fat cells rapidly break down due to a significant decrease in calories during the detox process. This can cause a rapid drop in weight.
  3.  A cleansing reaction can result from the liver releasing stored poisons to be flushed out of the body.

The following are possible symptoms of a cleansing reaction that you should be aware of:

  • Increased muscle or joint pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Sleeplessness
  • Sinus
  • congestion Chills
  • Blood pressure decrease
  • Flu-like symptoms Headaches
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Low-grade fever
  • Frequent urination
  • Skin eruptions In most cases

the unpleasant effects last approximately one to three days. It is important to stick with the program when these occur. while they are unpleasant, they are a sign that your liver detox cleanse is working to remove impurities, imbalance, and toxins from your body.

Some people get these effects as soon as they start their cleanse and others experience them more toward the middle of their cleanse.

There are things that you can do to help reduce the amount and severity of the unpleasant effects. You can start these immediately to help yourself feel your best throughout your cleanse. The following are ways to reduce the severity of detox effects:

Bowel movements

Ensure bowel regularly so that toxins are constantly removed from your body. Vitamin C and magnesium supplements can help to ensure this.


If you experience constipation, an enema can be used to promote bowel movements. Just make sure that you follow the instructions that come with the enema exactly to ensure safety.

Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is something that people can ingest to encourage more rapid elimination of toxins to improve their comfort. You can purchase this at the drugstore. Make sure that you follow the instructions that come with this product to ensure proper use and safety.

Epsom salt bath

Taking a bath using Epsom salt can help to encourage more toxin elimination via the skin. If you do not have a bathtub or cannot take a bath, you can simply do a foot bath using Epsom salts. Just make sure to follow the directions so that you do not add too much Epsom salt to the type of bath that you choose.

Dry skin brushing helps to stimulate skin health. Healthy skin is better able to sweat out toxins so that you can eliminate them faster to alleviate any unpleasant effects.


Now you have all of the tools that you need to embark on an effective liver detox cleanse. Make sure that you read this book in its entirety and follow the steps exactly to get the greatest benefits from this to cleanse.

You must be eating the right foods because these foods all work to ensure that your liver is detoxifying properly. Make sure that you are preparing for this cleanse properly so that you are successful.

Having an effective cleanse is all due to the preparation that you do. men you do into this cleanse with everything that you need and the right mindset, you will find the cleansing process a lot easier.

Once you complete your cleanse, you will find that you feel lighter and healthier. You will have more energy and will have fewer digestive upsets. The symptoms that come with a toxin-filled liver will disappear and you will reach a higher level of wellness.

Many people complete a liver detox cleanse about once per year to keep their liver and body as healthy as possible. Keep track of when you did your last cleanse by marking it on the calendar. This ensures that you can do one each year on schedule for optimal health.

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