The Depression Diet :Foods that help you with depression

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How does diet affect mental health?

Science agrees that food can help you treat your mental health In my previous article I have discussed the brain and mind So let’s discuss today’s foods that help in keeping the brain and mind active and healthy.

As I told you mind is something you cannot see but it needs to work constantly except during sleep. It needs a good amount of energy and glucose to work or it uses stored fats.

Don’t forget about the multivitamins and the minerals it needs to keep active which is essential for a healthy body.

Remember when I talk about glucose it’s not about sugary drinks to keep your brain active

The brain has sensitive cells.

The brain has sensitive cells which respond to thoughts and memories and can affect mental health. These nerve cells are called the neurons which keep the brain active with healthy metabolism by converting a good amount of food that we eat into energy and glucose.

These cells utilize glucose which are an essential part of making the brain stay active and it increases the good amount of memory. With age, the brain cells which is the neurons tend to die and it’s impossible to reverse such changes.

So keeping in touch with your physical health is an equally important part of the day and need of the hour as it requires to be mentally and physically fit. If your metabolism is deranged the body and the brain cells don’t receive enough glucose and energy.

A cell is the functional and basic unit of the body that helps in optimal functioning. It is the center of everybody’s function. Each unit of our body is made up of a cell, tissue, and organs that need energy and a good amount of glucose every day and every hour.

These sensitive cells react very quickly and have a pulse-like wave which causes the brain to react. We have to maintain the sensitivity of the cells.

The response of the brain is very crucial and important which essentially is the functioning of the brain.

Can food improve your mental health?

Studies have shown that carefully using fruits vegetables and dietary supplements can help improve mental health. You might find asking yourself “will my mind absorb all the nutrients?” the truth is you need supplements for proper functioning and proper nutrient supply of the body which will help in the long run.

With good quality foods, you need proper nutrients which help in a good supply of vitamins and minerals. There are many beneficial substances found in food. The good news is science is catching up and here what is studies reveal

Raw foods to improve your mood

If you are looking to clear a pathway for better long-term health your first step would be eating fresh fruits and vegetables regularly. Studies show that in addition to physical benefits the more fruits and veggies you eat help in mental health as well.

Over the past few decades research has revealed that people having a good supply of fruits and vegetables have fewer symptoms of mental stress and depression and generally are happier and more satisfied and there is a purpose of fulfillment in their lives than the people just popping pills.

Don’t go for canned food or processed food they just increase the calories. If you are stressed then having a bowl of oats or salads is the best thing to combat stress.

Take a depression test NOW!!!

Do you have these symptoms affecting your mental health
1) Little interest or pleasure in doing things
2) Feeling down or depressed or hopeless
3) Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep or too much sleeping
4) Feeling tired or having little energy
5) Poor appetite or overeating
6) Feeling bad about yourself
7) Thinking you are a failure or let yourself down
8) Trouble concentrating on things such as reading a newspaper or watching tv
9) Moving or speaking slowly that other people could have noticed
10) Thoughts that you will be better off dead
11) Thoughts of hurting yourself
12) These problems make it being difficult at work home school or for people

If you have any of the 4 or more symptoms you are suffering from depression. Now that you have found out that you are on the path of depression you want to overcome it naturally without any side effects. If these symptoms are persistent for more than 2 weeks you need help from a healthcare provider.

Depression can give rise to many health issues and can have a vicious cycle as I explained in my last article. Take control of your well being how do you feel as soon as possible.

The above symptoms can help you discover a decision support tool to know whether you have any mental health affection or if you have a low mood

At times everybody gets down in the dumps, but if life is consistently getting you down and making it hard to function you may feel depressed.

These 12 signs can make you know about your mental affections and overcoming these can help you feel better. The general spheres of your body can let you know your mental status like :

4)Feeling sad
5)General interest
6)Communication with others
8_Decision making skills
9)Thoughts of death and suicide
10)Energy levels
11)Feeling restless
12) Feeling slowed down

Is there a solution?

Yes, certainly there is a solution that can help you with a good amount of food so that you are just in that perfect mood and happiness that keeps you going through the day.

Have a positive frame of mind which can help you overcome depression with good thoughts and positiveness.

Go for a solution with yoga and meditation or a stress buster like a Zumba class that makes you feel happy and good feeling. It releases feel-good hormones like endorphins which make you feel happy.

It will boost your energy levels and flood you up with good hormones making you feel motivated and active throughout the day.

The good hormones also put you off to sleep. The asleep hormone is produced melatonin which gives you positive sleep with good energy and positive thoughts and dreams which make you ready for the next day.


The new fruits and vegetables that when included in the DEPRESSION DIET helps you overcome depression. Here are the top-notch foods which will help you to recover from depression

 leafy greens:

Leafy greens and spinach may seem like a strange combination but leafy greens contain folate which helps in recovering from depression. The major crucial feature of a depression diet which will help you in taking care of low energy for a longer period. And it has other vital aspects such as green veggies are good for the blood.


Blueberries taste delicious and these tiny berries are full of antioxidants that help you prevent damage to brain cells and help in preserving neurons which is vital for brain thinking.

Additionally eating blueberries is vital for brain and mood-boosting effects. It has similar aspects to valproic acid which has a mood stabilization effect.


The omega in salmon has got effective results in improving brain memory power and is one of the most nutritious food in the world. Astaxanthin in the omega and salmon can create youthfulness of skin and has anti-aging effects


Oysters share a powerful relation with depression and have macro and micronutrients which are very good for the body in the long run. Copper zinc are essential minute minerals in the oysters that help in preventing atrophy of the brain

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is recommended for depression and has many elements that can help in mood-boosting effects.
There are many foods in the DEPRESSION DIET which I have introduced today and will let you know in my forthcoming article so continue reading the same

Remember this diet is suitable who are in the initial stages of depression or feeling low at times. It is best suited to ones who have not fallen prey to the allopathic mode of treatment and antipsychiatric medication.

Remember if you want to get rid of these antipsychiatric medications you need natural and holistic treatment.

You can go with homeopathy or Ayurveda and homeopathy and relaxation techniques and finally help you in tapering down the medicines which will help you in taking care of antipsychiatric medications.

Long-term medications can cause various side effects such as weight gain and increased blood sugar which are essentially required to maintain a healthy weight. Just popping pills is not the solution to depression. You need to work from the root cause and the inner root in providing a solution to depression.

Depression in a later stage can lead to geriatric depression in old age which is difficult to handle so recognize depression at an early stage and take precautions with my DEPRESSION DIET

Read some more article that will come at TOP 20 remedies on DEPRESSION DIET and overcomes it with the best foods and keep your energy high.

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