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PROFESSIONAL HIGHLIGHTS. She has been trained in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care Medicine, and Anxiety Medicine. In addition, she was also trained in Thoracic Transplantation Medicine and Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. CERTIFICATIONS Dr. Sarah Edwards is Board Certified in the following: • Internal Medicine • Child Diseases • Critical Medicine • She is also a Diplomate of The American Board of Anxiety Medicine. EDUCATION Postgraduate: • University of Nevada School of Medicine • Residency: Internal Medicine

About THYO

Who is THYO? Talk Your Heart Out is the brainchild of Shilpa Jain. She is the founder member and one of the concrete members of the institution.

She started the idea of online counseling of people who often find themselves in negative thoughts in life and depressed for several reasons.

Before that, in Singapore, there were very few counseling centers that worked on traditional methods. But THYO has changed the perception in this industry.

They have started a new way and provide the best depression counseling in Singapore. Presently they are one of the pioneer counseling authorities in Singapore. They have many clients around the globe.

And many people come to them and take their advice from time to time. Their success story is really an inspiration to others in this field.


They offer various kinds of counseling to clients. In today’s world, human being is facing lots of problems. Due to the effects of the Corona Virus many people have to feel loneliness due to lockdown and social distancing.

They have much pressure like work pressure, economic pressure. But they have to survive.

This is very important the keep positive mental health. And to do it they need mental counseling and a coach. THYO is just providing the best coaches and therapists with a minimum price.

THYO offers a high-quality counseling session, private conversation, and a convenient time where you will get the best counseling. They also offer service to the corporate sectors and give their employees the best counseling that they can fight in any situation.

Experts say mental health is the best health. So, you need to keep your mental help optimistic all the time. It will give you strength.

The Depression

Depression is a kind of mental disorder. It causes feelings of sadness and loss of activities and interest in life. It has many features.

1)            Loss of interest in work, finding no interest in activities.

2)            Feeling no appetite.

3)            You sleep too much or you can’t sleep properly.

4)            Increase fatigue.

5)            Increase physical activities and that is not needed.

6)            Feeling sad or have a bad mood.

7)            Feeling lonely.

8)            You can have a suicidal attitude.

Who can affect?

Depression can be affected by anyone in life. But there is a certain type of people who effect by the cause.

1)            People who are not enjoying their low life.

2)            Environment is one of the factors for depression.

3)            Many people are affected by depression for genetic reasons.

4)            It has also happened to the chemical symptoms in the Brain.


The therapy

Depression is treated as the most dangerous psychological disorder in the world. But as experts say many depressed people can respond to counseling or treatment. There are many treatments of policy used by therapists.

The first step is to offer humanistic therapy to the clients. This therapy offers positive and rational thoughts to the clients. It nurtures the client’s inner feelings. This kind of therapy needs more care and concern when applied.

Behavior therapy is focused on both the normal and abnormal behavior of human beings. Cognitive therapy is work on the dysfunctional attitude or emotions of people. The last therapy is called Holistic therapy. It offers to offer clients the best treatment and care.

The Support

They offer many supports to people or clients for depression counseling in Singapore.

1)            They offer the right treatment or therapy.

2)            They always give the best counseling suggestion to the clients.

3)            They offer online counseling and suggestions to all over

4)            They always treat the clients as their family members. They offer all kinds of support for them.

5)            The clients can connect with the counselors at any point in time. Due to their online presence, they can talk to them any time through the virtual medium.

6)            Clients can get a flexible timetable from THYO.

7)            They offer many case studies and scientific and simple methods to the clients.

8)            The most important thing is they never pressurize the clients. They always offer flexible treatment and therapy to the clients.

Great counseling team

Talk Your Heart Out is one of the great counseling centers in Singapore. For many years predominantly they are offering depression counseling in Singapore.

They have great counselors, great coaches, and expert therapists. They are working day and night to give clients the best counseling in the world.

There are many other institutions or centers but TYHO is one of the best centers in this counseling industry. Their motto is to help those people who are depressed and can’t help themselves.

So, they extend their service to those people. In the present world, we are facing great problems but if we take some sort of suggestion from a designated institution it will ultimately help us.


They charge very nominally for the counseling. If you check another center you can understand the price and rate difference.  Their introductory session starts with just 90 USD. And the charge for a single session is just 120 USD per session. The rate of three sessions is 330 USD.

They offer depression counseling in Singapore with all kinds of counseling. It may include coaches, therapists, and counselors who provide you with the best depression counseling in Singapore.

The counseling session is confirmed after the advance payment. As a client, you need to do the advance payment.

But they have only one condition. They don’t allow rescheduling of the session within 24 hours of the booking. So, you have to take care and be serious while confirming the session with them.


In society, we need to help each other. That will make society more prosperous. But sometimes due to many uncertain reasons, we feel lonely.

We can’t find a friend to whom we can take. And that generates depression. To solve this problem TYHO is here.

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