Dentists tackling backlogs after laxity in lockdown

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Dr Sarah Edwards MD
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The pandemic of COVID-19 has ceased the world almost and in this situation, dentists in Dawson Dental Mississauga were allowed to operate emergency cases. Only those cases will be considered where there is an emergency and rugs are not working properly. As restrictions are lifted by the government, dentists are tackling other problems. The dentists said that now they can’t avoid operating serious cases of the patients. Routine check-ups like X-Rays and filling minor cavities are still considered as non-essential problems.

If we consider the words of dentists, then they have said that X-Rays are important, otherwise, the cavity can reach the nerves and the damage will be serious and fatal. The association of dental surgeons has issued a long list of guidelines that should be followed before starting the essential dental services. The major guidelines were like treatment should be done in a sealed room and after treatment, the room shall be vacated for the refilling of fresh air in the room. These things are decided for reducing the threat of COVID-19 issues.

Dentists are contacting HVAC specialists for better ventilation system in their clinics:

More investment and fewer patients

For purchasing the air purifiers and the renovation of the treatment room, the expense is going to be higher for sure. According to the new guidelines, dentists will be able to consult only half the number of patients in comparison to the normal days in Dawson Dental Mississauga. If they were consulting 20 patients a day, but now, they will be able to consult only 10 patients a day just because of the strict guidelines made by the dentist’s association.

Another challenge is all about purchasing a PPE kit for all the staff to protect them from the COVID-19 virus because dentists and their staffs can’t maintain a gap of 2 meters from their patients. At the high time, dentists donated their essential equipment like gloves and masks, but now they are facing the crisis of the same things badly.

 Difficulties while treatment       

Dentists in Dawson are facing a lot of difficulties as they have to wear an N95 mask, surgical mask, goggles, head cover, a visor, a disposable gown, gloves, and shoe cover while operating the patients. Their work has become tough 10 times than before. The mask which hardly costs 1$, today companies are selling those masks in 20$. According to the reports, about 40% of the dentists will go bankrupt this year due to these strict rules and guidelines. With all these problems, dentists will be not able to work properly with their backlogs and the number of patients has been also reduced. The only thing which dentists can do is ask their patients for patience.

There may be a hike in the cost of treatment

Dentists are not left with any other option but to ask their patients to pay more for the treatment. This is the most common talk in the world of dentists as they have not much capacity to bear the heavy expense of their patients. The head of the dental association is thinking about adding the cost PPE kit in the total cost of the treatment by the patients. By adding the cost of the PPE kit in the treatment process, there may be something that can give relief to the dentists in this harsh condition. They are asked to add the cost of protective gear in the bill of the patients.

The decision is still pending whether patients re supposed to pay the cost of PPE kit or not. If this decision will be taken and initiated, then it may cost $25 to $50 for each patient. If patients re in pain and problem, then this amount added in their bill will not affect them at all. They will be ready to pay anything for the sake of their health. Patients are also aware of this calamity and they are supposed to cope up with the dentist, who is suffering from hard times.

Dentists in Dawson Dental Mississauga are suffering from the worst phase of their life. They are not able to treat their patients for the last two months and when the order has been given for the treatment, they are not able to get the expected fees from the patients. They are running in great loss and that why they have taken these steps to save themselves from hard times.

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