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17 Dental Answers You Need to Know

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You might be wondering which are the most important dental answers you should know, here we have penned down 17 such questions answers sessions for you.

It is true that whenever it comes to visiting the dentist, then it turns out to be a little scary for a large number of people.

Some fail to possess sufficient knowledge regarding what questions they should ask their dentist. Like, you are going for a root canal implant. So, before you arrange a meeting with your dentist, make sure you make a list of questions that you can ask him.

Now let us have a look at the questions and their elaborated answers which are about dental care:

Is It Required And Needed To Rinse Your Mouth After Brushing Your Teeth?

No, it is not required to rinse your mouth once you are done with your brushing job.

It is believed that not rinsing your mouth manages to leave a protective fluoride layer right on your teeth. And this protective fluoride layer is extremely healthy and productive for your teeth. This is a common piece of advice that you will always get from every single dentist.

So, whenever you brush your teeth, avoid rinsing them with water straight after toothbrushing. What you can do is that right after brushing, you can spit out any excess toothpaste.

But do not rinse your mouth instantly and immediately. By doing so you are washing away and taking off that concentrated fluoride present on your teeth.

Is Mouthwash Always Beneficial For Your Teeth?

Though mouthwash is beneficial for your teeth.

But it fails to perform its due function and role if you avoid doing regular brushing and flossing. Without flossing and brushing, mouthwash gives no results.

If you religiously do brushing and flossing, then try going for mouthwash practice on regular terms too. It is completely believed that mouthwash can do more and larger than simply and wholly freshen your breath. It manages to ward off all gum disease.

Do Babies Take Calcium From Their Mother’s Teeth?

This is a false myth. Calcium is not taken or leeched from the teeth of the mother during pregnancy. Besides, if calcium intake is extremely in the low range, then a mother is going to lose calcium right from her bones.

So, this is a myth that calcium gets actually lost from the mother’s teeth as soon as she enters the pregnancy phase. It is by your diet that your baby will take calcium from you.

All pregnant mothers should take enough and the appropriate amount of calcium in their diets. They can do that by getting three servings of dairy products on a per-day basis.

How Often And Regularly Should You Make A Visit To The Dentist?

It is two to four times a year that you should visit your dentist if you have good healthy teeth.

On the other hand, if you have a high risk of some dental disease, then it is important to visit a dentist every three or four months time frame.

Is It Safe And Secure To Go To The Dentist If You Are Pregnant?

If you are getting a simple dental check-up during your pregnancy phase, then it is completely safe. It is also recommended to have your teeth fully and thoroughly cleaned and get your procedures done like that of cavity fillings done before you give birth to a baby.

When You Should Take Your Child To A Dentist?

As soon as your child is one year old, then you should get her first check-up done by a dentist. A large number of dentists do not charge children who are under the age of 12.

So, by the age of 1 or as soon as the first tooth erupts from your child, take your child to the dentist because his primary set of teeth needs a lot of care.

Is It Safe To Go To The Dentist While You Are Breastfeeding?

If you are breastfeeding and want to go to a dentist on an emergency basis, then it is completely safe to do so. These x-rays and drugs which are used for local anesthesia are wholly safe for you.

A large number of dental medications for oral and IV sedation are marked compatible with breastfeeding.

Why do Dentists need to Wear A Mask?

It is important for dentists to constantly wear a mask so that germs or any of the other particles do not get transferred. Wearing a mask is necessary to ensure all kinds of hygiene standards.

The mask let and allows them to communicate freely and conveniently with their patients. Masks protect and keep them safe from any germs which they may have picked or got from their patients. Hence, masks limit and prevent the transmission of germs.

What Do My Teeth Hurt With Cold Drinks?

Teeth have a nerve supply. They usually and generally get stimulated by excessive cold drinks and this causes dental pain.

If you’re a tooth consisting of a large cavity, then the tooth thickness present between the cold stimulus and also the live tooth will eventually come out to be relatively thin. This reduces and brings down the temperature of your dental nerve and causes severe pain.

Why Do My Wisdom Teeth Hurt?

Wisdom Teeth leave some part of the tooth covered. In this way, plaque can enter under that specific and particular flap of gum and eventually cause infections. This infection is very painful and to causes a significant amount of facial swelling.

What Is An Ideal Way To Replace Teeth?

Teeth can be replaced by a removable denture. Or can make use of single or multiple dental implants. It depends on your teeth condition as well as what kind of teeth implant you want and needs. Moreover, the decision lies in the shape of your gum as well as the underlying bone structure.

How to Keep Your Adult Teeth Completely Healthy?

Caring for teeth is important for you. Do brush twice a day. This is how you can stay away from having dental decay and any kind of gum disease. Moreover, it is recommended to use a bacteria-fighting rinse.

Get a mouthwash product that comes with fluoride. Such a product will help you to prevent and avoid tooth decay. Besides, do not allow your kids to rinse their mouths with some alcohol-based mouthwash. They may swallow the liquid which is dangerous for them.

What Is The Purpose Of Root Canal Treatment?

At times, the live tissue present in the root canal system can die. This results in pain and swelling. In this situation, a dentist drills into the dead tooth.

He then takes out the infected material from that root canal system. Clean out the root canals and dressed them by using a calcium hydroxide dressing material.

Why Do Your Jaw Joint Hurts?

Pain in jaw joints occurs because the fracture of the bone happens due to trauma, If your fibro-cellular disc present in the joint is damaged, then you will feel pain in your jaw joints too. This situation also happens because of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

On the other hand, teeth grinding, clenching as well as opening the mouth too wide give a jaw pain.

How To Get Rid Of Stained Teeth?

Staining on teeth can be removed by making use of modern and high-frequency vibration hand-pieces. Such a kind of handpiece is installed with air pressure and also abrasive particles so that your teeth can get a smooth and clean look.

Another remedy is to brush your teeth by making a mixture of baking soda and water. You can rinse your mouth by using a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution. Follow this practice every day or even every few days.

How To Verify Your Selected Dentist Is Competitive And Experienced?

If your dentist possesses complete and thorough knowledge about his field, then it is means he is competitive and experienced. He should be able to communicate properly with you.   He should know how to use 3D planning software and accurate implant placement job.

How to Make Your Uneven Teeth Look Better?

Crowded teeth or uneven teeth can be cured and treated by going for orthodontic treatment. You might be asked to wear tooth retainers to prevent the relapse of teeth. Upon wearing retainers, you will be able to maintain excellent and ideal tooth positions.

It is even recommended to go for Invisalign. It is marked as one of the easiest ways and approaches to straighten teeth without using braces. Such a method makes use of a series of clear in form plastic aligners so that you can slowly reposition your teeth


So, these are the important questions that you may have in your mind while you carry out your visits to the dentist. NQ Surgical Dentistry is a professional dentistry practice and is our recommendation for a dentist in Townsville, Australia.

Do let us know what other questions are roaming in your head, we are happy to answer them as well.

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