Dealing With The Emotional Impact Of Menopause

Menopause is a time of great hormonal fluctuations.

When doctors measure hormone levels in perimenopause, the years just before the periods finally stop they find that the levels can change markedly from day to day.

This can lead to emotional upheaval that can last for several years.

This is a time when women are transitioning from being young and fertile to being middle-aged and infertile. This loss of fertility can be emotionally taxing over and above the hormonal changes, menopausal women are experiencing.


During menopause and in the perimenopausal years, the estrogen levels gradually decrease and the ovaries put out less progesterone.

This results in a rise in FSH and LH, which can be measured as part of the diagnosis of menopause although “menopause” is a clinical diagnosis, meaning that it is declared “menopause” when a woman has not had a period for more than a year. The cause of menopause is

when a woman has not had a period for more than a year. The cause of menopause is a primary ovarian failure. The ovaries simply run out of eggs and do not produce the same amount of gonadal hormones as were made during the fertile years.

Emotional Impact Of Time Gone By

For some women, the emotional impact of menopause stems from the simple fact of getting older and all that it may entail. Some women have real issues with age, and menopause is a landmark time that typically marks the end of middle age.

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