10 Easy Home Remedies For Dark Knuckles

10 Easy Home Remedies For Dark Knuckles

Dark knuckles are one of the most common and prominent issues which women face. Women love those beautiful hands and legs with gorgeous manicured and pedicure treatments which would never fail to add some glory and beauty to your entire look.

The gorgeous knuckles contribute highly to making the fingers look gorgeous and stunning.

Due to the joints and the wrinkles of skin over the knuckles, your fingers sometimes look quite dry, dull, dark, and patchy. In this case, you can use various remedies to fight these dark knuckles and get amazing skin.

Get confident while flaunting your gorgeous hands and feet with these cool and natural home remedies which would simply smoothen and brighten your dark knuckles and make them awesome.

Follow These Cool Remedies Just For A Week And You Would Get Visible Difference!

1. Almond Oil Massage:

Dark and patchy skin gets quite easy to fight when we have such a miraculous and cool ingredient like almond oil for treatments.

Almond oil is filled with amazing nutrition and nourishment which would enhance the glow of your skin and fight the dark and patchy knuckles. Massage the knuckles with almond oil before going to bed regularly, and get awesome results soon!

2. Honey And Lemon Juice Mix:

If you want a cool bleaching agent which can work wonders on your knuckles making them brighter and whiter, here is a cool mixture that can make your skin fight dark patches. Lemon juice is a cool citrus-rich food that would never fail in making your knuckles bright.

Also, honey would brighten and smooth up your knuckles as never before! Try this amazing and redefining mixture for your super smooth and gorgeous hands and flaunt your knuckles with pride!

3. Sugar Scrub:

Sugar scrubs are cool and with amazing ingredients which suit your skin type, this miraculous and coo ingredient can work wonders. Mix some sugar and honey and apply this scrub to your knuckles. This scrubbing process would fight the dead skin cells and would make your skin smooth and brightened!

4. Baking Soda:

Baking soda is one of the coolest cleansing agents which can cleanse your skin beautifully. Baking soda is filled with the ingredients which would fight the dark, lifeless, damages, and undernourished skin and would leave your skin with smoothness and a bright glory.

5. Tomatoes:

Just like lemon juice and other cleansing agents, tomatoes are filled with antibacterial properties which also deep cleanses the skin. This vitamin and acid-rich food is simply awesome and would surely help in fighting various issues like patchy and dead skin over the knuckles. Massage the tomato slices over knuckles regularly and get wow results!

6. Aloe Vera Gel:

This refreshing gel is such a wonderful element that can simply make your dark knuckles bright and beautiful. If you are suffering from patchy and dull skin over your knuckles, this is a cool remedy that you can try. Massage fresh aloe Vera gel on your knuckles every day and the refreshment and shine of aloe would simply reflect on your adorable knuckles!

7. Yogurt:

If you want a cool antibacterial ingredient that makes the skin super smooth and bright, this amazing product fermented from milk would simply make your skin look flawless! This dazzling and amazing product is filled with anti-oxidants and would never fail to brighten and lighten up your knuckles. Massage some fresh yogurt on your knuckles regularly and get awesome results.

8. Potato Juice:

Potato juice and peel is simply an amazing and cool remedy to fight the dark knuckles. If you have pigmented and dead skin over your knuckles, you can use this amazing bleaching and cleansing agent to fight such issues. Massage some fresh potato slices on your knuckles daily and get cool results!

9. Papaya:

Papayas are one of the most amazing and highly beneficial fruits which can make your skin nourished and brightened. If you have dark and patchy skin over your knuckles, try this amazing remedy and you would simply love the results!

Mix some papayas with honey and apply this coo mixture on your knuckles while massaging. Following this routine would make your hands and legs more adorable with bright and tempting knuckles worth having!

10. Turmeric Remedy:

Turmeric is a cool ingredient that repairs dead skin, makes the skin more right, even-toned, and gorgeous. This herbal ingredient would simply never fail to make your skin super smooth and gorgeous.

Mix some turmeric powder and honey and apply this paste to your knuckles. Also, let it stay for 15-20 minutes. Remove while scrubbing and rubbing the powder on your knuckles for even better results!