Dandruff treatment at home

Dandruff treatment at home

hi, everyone, I am steal

I’m going to share with you a miracle cure for dandruff and to prevent here for so let’s get started at this hair mask

what you have to do is stick are on the one-foot cup of fenugreek seeds also known as meaty, so you need to soak this in our new cups of hot water overnight and

so here is the soap when you get seats ptc and this may be seeds of a new exceeds into a smooth paste by adding a

A Little water, so I’ve just ground the stalk methi seeds into a smooth paste-like consistency

So now I’m going to add the rest of the ingredients. First I’m going to add this coconut point to anything this organic cold-pressed coconut on it is good for your health it is rich in law recast and vitamin E,

I am going to add around 2 tbsp of this coconut boy yeah I’m going to add the lemon juice

so I’ll just squeeze this half lemon any ingredient that I’m going to add is just our small half teaspoon of baking soda for using this as a hair fall mask then you can skip the beginning solar so gently combine these ingredients for

best results what you have to do is rinse your hair with you warm water then using a brush apply this paste all over your scalp and hair

let it sit for about 40 to 45 minutes and then wash off the fresh water and do not shampoo your hair on the same thick but you if you want you can use for my conditioner if you have a mind of dandruff than in one application that will be but if you

have secret dandruff then you need to apply it continuously for three T’s to get rid of dandruff permanent now let me share with you the advantage of using this hair mask

this hair mask condenser for new Greek cities also known as meaty and these seeds contain and the fungal properties that can that kills the fungus that causes Jandra and also

these seats are rich in protein and minerals like iron zinc and selenium that has some healthy hair growth and prevents hair for lemon and a lot of shine to your hair and baking soda clear

all those pesky white flakes on the scalp excess oil and the dead skin cells and coconut oil contains lauric acid, and vitamin E vector keeps your scalp healthy stream them your hair roots and prevent Scout training use this hair mask on once our place in the

a week if you want to cure dandruff want to stop hair fall and want your dress is long smooth, and chain who would give it a try

I’m sure that will love it so hope you find this video useful sometimes everyone for watching the schedule for more such beauty produces the subscribe button so take a bye and until the midst


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