Control your Type 2 Diabetes with Bay leaves

Control your Type 2 Diabetes with Bay leaves

Manage your Type 2 Diabetes with Tejpatta (Bay leaves)


Individuals suffering from Type II Diabetes have difficulty metabolizing glucose, but bay leaves, have now been shown to drastically improve insulin function.

Not only did bay leaves help to regulate glucose in diabetes patients, but total cholesterol decreased and triglycerides were decreased, so the heart and liver were benefited by consuming this fragrant herb.
For best results, it is advised to take anti-diabetic medications and follow proper dietary guidelines along with including bay leaves in the diet.

Consume 1 to 3 gms of bay leaves per day for 30 days. It improves glucose and lipid profile in type 2 diabetes and hence, lowers the risk and complications associated with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
You can add bay leaves in soups and curries to make the most of it.
Even adding a spoonful of bay leaf powder while cooking might help you reap the anti-diabetic and anti-cholesterol benefits.

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