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Writing Requirements

Originality: We only accept articles that contain 100% original content. We do not accept content that has been published elsewhere or that has been plagiarized, we check each article before it is published.

Content: Topics related to healthcare, prevention, medical condition, skincare, weight loss, supplement, herbs, issues, research are accepted.

Purpose and tone: The purpose of the content on healthcare is to educate and to inspire. The tone of our content is informative, personable, friendly, taken from the research institution and websites.

Word Count: Currently for free articles, we accept in-depth articles of 2000 words or longer.

Biography:  We do not allow the author’s bio in the article.

Links: You can add relevant links to your article. If you quote from a credible source, from a research website, or an academic journal, you should link to the source. We will review any links to companies or products and determine if they are appropriate.

Tips for writing a great article

Choose a topic that inspires you: The key to writing great content is choosing a topic that you are interested in or are knowledgeable about.
Do your research: It is important to give readers correct information. Be sure to research (and link to) any facts and figures that you are quoting.
Be clear what action you want readers to take: A great article will inspire people to take action! Your article should make it clear what action readers should take, as well as how and why.
Write an attention-grabbing title: Writing an eye-catching title will increase the number of people that will read your article, so take the time to craft a great title.
Edit your work: Before you submit your content, take the time to carefully proofread it.  grammatical errors and fix spelling. Remove any excess language or words. Check your facts and figures.

Make your submission

Please submit the following to us via our submission form below:

Your email address. You can use any domain email i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, your organization company domain, Rediff, or any other.

Your article with a working title. (Please remember that we reserve the right to change it to maximize the content’s visibility.)

The topic category that your article falls under. Choose a category from here (persona, interview, theme, issues, trends, well-being, research, new scope. This will help us quickly sort all of the submissions that we receive.

The text of your article. Again, please put any links in square brackets.
If you are submitting an image or images with your article, you must own the copyright to each image (which you will if you took the photograph), it must be high quality and professional-looking, (We have rights to edit the image).

Our editing team will review your submission: We will carefully review your submission. We may have to make changes to the title or slightly modify the text to optimize the article’s visibility.

Check your email: We appreciate contributions and endeavor to connect with each writer individually via email. Unfortunately, at times when submissions are high, we may not have the ability to respond to your emails. Therefore, if you haven’t received an email from us, check our website. We endeavor to publish all accepted articles within 7 working days from the date of submission. If your article is published, you will get the congratulations email.

Share with your community: Once your article is published, please share it with your community via email and social media, and we will do the same. We take notice when our readers enjoy the content you’re producing, and could prominently feature it in our social media campaigns and on our website.

Let’s Get Started

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