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We are accepting guest posts from authors and from those who help readers to let them know about ancient home remedies, natural treatment, health tips, and common health problems.

Kindly note

We are receiving a lot of posts that are poorly written, poorly researched, or are vehicles meant to advertise another business or product. We are also receiving many inappropriate pitches that make it clear the author has not read our instructions.


 Please note that we are a naturopathic home remedies website, so we’re looking for an effect in your post about home remedies natural treatment health tips.

All posts must be original content.

We will check for plagiarism and copyright infringement, so please just don’t do it. You may quote up to three authorities in your post as long as you list the appropriate sources. We also encourage study references.

Posts must be of high quality.

Our readers have come to expect quality material, and that’s all we publish. it would be great if you have the video and infographic along with the article this will benefit both of us Google sends more organic traffic if the article is unique.

Content with 1500+ words of well-written Article+ video+infographics+images. Sample link here

An article example this kind of article gets rank faster on Google’s 1st page so if you can write similar to this we both get massive organic traffic from Google.

Posts must not be used to advertise your products.

We don’t accept posts that are disguised advertisements for your products. You may include your website in your bio.

Purpose and tone:

The purpose of the content on healthcare is to educate and to inspire. The tone of our content is informative, personable, friendly, taken from the research institution and websites.


your link to add one link back to your website only Nonbusiness website link will be allowed if your link is about the business we may charge a small amount, Excessive links or links that appear to be affiliated or spam related will be removed you can add high authority website link for readers.

We do not allow republishing.

Posts accepted by Top20 remedies belong to the site. We do not allow duplicate material. You can share the article on your website or social media network if you wish to. Promoting does not mean you post the entire article on these forums.


We reserve the right to edit blog posts, so please don’t be offended if we suggest changes.


We prefer to receive posts as Word documents, with an appropriate title and at least three subheadings. Word count can range from 1500 to 3000. We are also willing to look at longer posts.


We prefer articles with appropriate sources listed at the end of the article. This one is a good example: How can I get rid of dandruff permanently? Please use this format.


Authors may include links to their websites in posts with keyword and link as an anchor text, Kindly note we do not add an author bio in our articles only anchor link is accepted.


Currently, We are not paying for Guest posts. If you decide to submit a post to our website, you do so with the knowledge that you shall not be entitled to any payment for writing the post or for any other compensation related to the post.

we allow one backlink back to your website non-business for the free guest post. for the paid guest post we can discuss as per your needs, We share the posts on our social media channels, though we do not guarantee any particular site or audience reach.


Our editing team will review your submission:

We will carefully review your submission. We may have to make changes to the title or slightly modify the text to optimize the article’s visibility.

  • Denial. Top20remedies reserves the right to not accept posts that don’t comply with our topics.
  • Post removal. Top20remedies reserves the right to refuse publication or remove a guest post without prior notice to the guest post writer.
  • Biography:  We do not allow the author’s bio in the article.
  • Product services article: we do not allow product explained and services articles in a free guest post.

Tips for writing a great article

  1. Choose a topic that inspires you: The key to writing great content is choosing a topic that you are interested in or are knowledgeable about.
  2. Do your research: It is important to give readers correct information. Be sure to research (and link to) any facts and figures that you are quoting.
  3. Be clear about what action you want readers to take: A great article will inspire people to take action! Your article should make it clear what action readers should take, as well as how and why.
  4. Write an attention-grabbing title: Writing an eye-catching title will increase the number of people that will read your article, so take the time to craft a great title.
  5. Edit your work: Before you submit your content, take the time to carefully proofread it.  grammatical errors and fix spelling. Remove any excess language or words. Check your facts and figures.
  6. Share with your community: Once your article is published, please share it with your community via email and social media, and we will do the same. We take notice when our readers enjoy the content you’re producing, and could prominently feature it in our social media campaigns and on our website.

You can send a query or email if you have any other topic which is related to home remedies, health tips, the natural treatment we will be happy to post.


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