How to make a pregnant woman comfortable


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6 Awesome Tips To Stay Comfortable When Pregnant

Pregnancy is a unique period for women. Their bodies transform in so many ways to support their ability to carry a fetus for about 40 weeks and then deliver their baby without complications. In early pregnancy, women may have some symptoms like nausea, vomiting, or changes in their appetite. However, as the pregnancy progresses and their abdomen gets bigger, more symptoms related to their abdominal size become very pronounced, causing some inconvenience. Postural changes, feet swelling, uncomfortable sleep, early satiety, frequent urination, and diarrhea are some of these symptoms. In this article, we will be discussing 6 awesome tips to help every woman go through the pregnancy period without much of an inconvenience.

1. Adopt a good posture

Pregnancy can naturally affect a woman’s posture, but being conscious of how you stand, sit, or lift things can make the difference between having a severe backache or not. So, try to stand and sit straight as much as possible. It is important to also not strain the back by sitting on chairs without much support. Even when bathing you can sit down on a bench to increase your comfort and support your back. Also, you should try to avoid bending over to lift things, rather bend your knees and use them to support your body in lifting an object from the floor. One last thing to do to preserve a good posture is to avoid wearing high heels or uncomfortable shoes as much as possible. These shoes alter your center of gravity, making you compensate by switching to a bad posture.

2. Use pillows as much as you can

In pregnancy, pillows should be used as much as possible. The reason is that your body now stores more water than it used to, so you may feel a little more comfortable using soft pillows on your body. Nowadays there are pregnancy pillows that are large enough to cater to your body. You can also get pillows for your office chair, home sofa, and bed. These would go a long way in keeping you very comfortable.

3. Eat small frequent meals

If you’re one that is used to eating 3 times a day very strictly, you may notice that as the pregnancy progresses, you may feel more gassy, bloated, and have frequent episodes of heartburn. eating many small frequent meals helps you tolerate food better as there is less space for your stomach, thanks to the increasing size of your baby and your womb. Also, try to eat healthy meals that contain important nutrients, so that you and your baby can be healthy and safe.

Besides, drink enough water as your body starts retaining more of it. Good water intake is very good for your baby and your kidneys.

4. Wear comfortable clothes

It is important to shop for clothes that will support you better during pregnancy. Without compromising your style, you should go for clothes that can let you feel at ease, that is loose and comfortable on your skin. Wearing tight-fitting, constricting clothes may feel extremely ‘choking’ and get you very inconvenienced. Also, the material matters. Try to wear clothes made from materials that will be gentle on your skin, just like cotton is.

5. Exercise regularly

Since it is recommended for pregnant women to rest as much as possible and avoid strenuous activities, it is a very big myth that exercise should not be performed at all during this period. The benefits of exercise are so many, even in pregnancy. So, you can do some low impact exercises like brisk walking, cycling on a recumbent stationary bike, and swimming. Swimming is particularly helpful because it helps to support your weight and helps you exercise without feeling so much of an impact.

6. Elevate your legs to avoid swollen feet

It is no news that having swollen feet can be normal during pregnancy. This happens because of the body’s increased fluid retention. Many pregnant women get worried because their shoes may no longer fit, and their legs aren’t looking the way they used to look. Well, what you can do to prevent this is to avoid standing for a prolonged time. You should try to sit down from time to time. Even when bathing, you can try sitting in the tub by using a transfer chair.

Also, when sitting for extended periods, elevate your legs to be at a horizontal level.


Pregnancy is a very interesting period, and with so much happening, it is still important to know how to make yourself more comfortable and prevent issues like back pain, heartburn, and swollen feet. You can use these 6 practical steps we have discussed to achieve this comfort and enjoy this awesome journey.

 Dr. Charles-Davies of 25 Doctors

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