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9 tips for choosing the right coffee table for Your Living Room

An essential piece of furniture in our living room is undoubtedly the coffee table, as it is a basic element that accompanies sofas and must be perfect.

Although sofas are decisive when choosing the coffee table, they can be the protagonists of the decoration of the room, so space and style are factors that must also be taken into account. Here are the best tips for choosing the perfect coffee table.

These nine tips can help you choose the most suitable coffee table

1-  Measure Spaces

For a small living room and if you do have not enough space for your coffee table, you will need to be careful about the tabletop’s dimensions.

Usually, a 100x40cm rectangular top with custom-made flat iron legs works well. You can also opt for a small square platter with a large drum stand if space is really too tight.

a coffee table depending on your sofa

standard heights

Ideally, and for optimal comfort, the height of the coffee table should be the same as the seat of your sofa.

For a corner sofa, the important thing is to ensure that the coffee table can be well centered in the hollow of the sofa and that the whole is harmonious. We recommend that you have a coffee table at the same height as the seat of the sofa. Here is the first example with reinforced pin feet and a second with custom double feet.

2- The shape of the table

Today we have tables of all sizes: square, rectangular, round, triangular, and irregular shapes that give us a certain aesthetic and style depending on its shape as well as each design gives us its advantages.

For example, round tables are more desirable for small spaces because their placement is not conditioned by the lines and corners of the sofa or carpet, they provide balance and blend the whole.

Additionally, we can place these in the corner and the space between the sofa area can always be more fluid, as we can see below.

Square or rectangular tables, often for larger spaces, offer a more streamlined aesthetic as they are combined with straight lines of sofas and carpets, creating a more cohesive whole,

as we see in the living room below and we can choose narrower or wider area circulation, as well. In favor of going to rectangles already with squares or some other surface.

square and rectangular coffee table with shelf

Irregularities are tables that don’t play as a team at first, which can be an advantage, especially when you want to display or highlight the coffee table because they stand on their own.

3 – Get the right balance

Another useful rule of thumb for choosing a coffee table is to consider its “weight.” In other words, we must complement the rest of the furniture in the room so that the space is proportional and balanced.

What does this mean? If the sofa has tall, thin legs, we should consider a table that is solid to the ground or has shorter, thicker legs. Instead, if the sofa does not have visible legs, we could choose a coffee table with taller and thinner legs.

4 – Take into account our needs

Of course, when choosing the right coffee table for us and our family, it is very important to take into account our lifestyle, for example, if we need more storage space, or if we usually receive many visitors, etc.

But the essence of the coffee tables is the same throughout the range, the simplicity of their designs combined with the nobility of our sofas and furniture. They are solid and comfortable designs, spaces that fit perfectly in all environments.

Practically and aesthetically speaking, a coffee table is one of the most important elements in a living room. A good coffee table can make the whole decor of any living room, just like any bad choice of table, it can throw you into the whole scene.

5- Rest of the set coffee table

Of course, we also need to consider what is already in the living room. This is not to say that the table has to be matched with what it has, because you can have a table that is inverted instead of a combination. The really important thing is that it means the whole set.

It’s something similar to the proportions, if the table doesn’t fit visually it will look like a stick, an addiction, it won’t be part of the set.

So, very important: consider the rest of the elements of the scene.

Tip: Glass combines with all styles and materials.

6- Pay attention to proportions

It is important to find a table that is the correct length about the width of the sofa. Generally, the coffee table should be about two-thirds the length of the sofa.

Traditionally, the height of the coffee table should not exceed that of the sofa, so as not to lose visibility and create a visual effect in which the room looks smaller than it is.

However, low tables are probably the most grounded pattern that adds a moderate and current touch to your room. In the same way, nesting tables are an excellent option, since you can play with different heights and use them according to your convenience.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than a coffee table that is too high or too low. To ensure that we are comfortable, we will have to opt for a table that is the same height as the sofa cushions or a little less.

7-The materials

The material of the table is essential, as it can determine the style of the decoration. Although wooden tables are usually more traditional, glass tables add a modern touch to your home. On the other hand, materials such as marble and micro cement give an elegant and sophisticated touch to space, especially if they are combined with other materials such as metal.

How to choose the perfect coffee table, the shape

Form is essential

You must always keep in mind the material that the table is made of. We can predict its wear according to our lifestyle.

This material will make our living room sensitive to how that material will behave during the day as we use the table every day.

If you are looking for something elegant, marble or mirror finish gives a very good aesthetic result, although they are elements that need to be thoroughly cleaned to see;

If you’re looking for something interesting and glamorous, brass or copper and gold finish will add that touch; Wood,

8-Look for new trends

Finally, it is important to look for what is fashionable on the coffee tables. For example, nesting tables have been very popular in recent years, since they tend to have modern designs, can be used as auxiliary tables, and are extremely practical to save space.

Another trend that has been seen is the twin tables, why choose only one? If you have a large room, choosing a couple of tables will give a minimalist and sophisticated touch to your room, especially if they are made of glass or metal.