How to wake up to clear rejuvenated skin


Tomorrow is a big day for you. It could be your graduation, your wedding, or a date with someone you like. It could even involve you being in the spotlight for a company shoot or just a casual hangout with friends. Whatever event you’re looking forward to, it would be nice if you woke up with clear, rejuvenated skin, right? 

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Here’s how you can achieve that: 

Reduce Your Sugar Intake 

Sugar is linked to puffiness especially under the eyes, and it may also prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. The day before an important event, make sure you’re drinking lots of water and avoiding sugars. It’s better if you can do this more regularly as well so that you will wake up consistently to healthier skin. It’s also the same for salts. If your goal is to have a healthier lifestyle altogether, curb your sugar and salt intake to see the benefits on your skin as well. 

Moisturize and Pamper Your Skin 

The state of your skin boils down to how you treat it. Basic skincare, when done right, can give you better-looking skin than an elaborate but poorly maintained routine. You can easily buy a face serum, moisturizer, and sheet mask online and be done with it. However, others choose to go the “extra” mile and buy a dozen products to use on their face at once. It’s not about quantity when it comes to your skin. It’s all about understanding what your skin needs, and providing that. If you want clear skin, use exfoliants regularly, but do not overuse them. Rejuvenating the skin may also need some pampering through a sheet mask, which is fortunately inexpensive and easy to use. Address the problem areas of your skin regularly and you’ll see the best results when you wake up. 

Sleep with Positive Thoughts 

Stress plays a big role in how you look the next day. When you go to bed with a lot of worries on your mind, the quality of your sleep may be poor, and this will show on your skin the next day. Give yourself enough time to release pent up stress before bed, so that you’ll sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed. In the end, your skin is a reflection of your state of mind, so try to be positive and let go of worries you can’t control. You’ll find years off your face by doing so. 

Tell Yourself that You’re Pretty

Hearing compliments from other people is nice, but it’s not enough to just get validation from everyone else. You also need to be comfortable validating yourself so that you’ll be confident in your skin. Take a couple of minutes before bedtime to look at yourself in the mirror, bare-faced, and compliment yourself. Do not focus on the negatives. Love your imperfections. Remind yourself that no one is perfect, and each one has something unique that deserves to be appreciated. 

Some days are more important than others. For all your important days, make sure you go to bed in the right mindset to wake up to clear and glowing skin.