15 Impressive Uses Of Citrus And Banana Peels

15 Impressive Uses Of Citrus And Banana Peels

It is our habit to throw the fruit peels into the waste bin, but the citrus and banana peels are very useful and highly beneficial to us. The peels contain enormous nutrients and can be put to various resolves. These peels have phenomenal uses for our bodies and our residence also.

1. Toothpaste:

The toothpaste commercials promise white teeth if we use their chemical borne toothpaste but how many of us realize that it was hazardous to the health of our family. Instead, use banana peels. Just rub the inside of the peel on your teeth for just a couple of minutes. You may rinse off with normal water.

The nature-given chemicals like potassium, manganese, and magnesium that are present in the banana skin help to whiten the teeth because these are rapt into the teeth’ enamel. This treatment will show progress in the color of your teeth in about a week itself.

2. Use As Air Freshener:

Citrus fruit skins have an exceedingly revitalizing redolence. Why don’t you use these peels that help to revitalize the homes that will give you relaxation with their redolence?

You can collect the fruit skins after consuming the fruits in a beautiful and attractive bowl and keep them in the space or area that you think should be revitalized. You need not dole out a penny for a commercial air freshener.

3. Use For Relieving Migraines:

A cataplasm that is prepared with the peel of a ripe banana helps in appeasing a severe migraine. You must apply the cataplasm to the nape of the neck and also the forehead. Attempt the cataplasm home remedy with the banana peel to get relief from harrowing migraines.

4. Use For Wrinkle Free Skin:

You can save your citrus fruit skins to prepare a great face pack. Collect some orange and lemon skins and keep them out in the. You may powder the skins that are dried and use it so that it resolves the wrinkle problems and provides you with a bright complexion. Tote a little rosewater to the dehydrated powdered peels of citrus fruits and apply it to your dermis.

5. Use For Warts And Splinters:

The interior side of the banana peel has reinvigorating and skin restoring properties. It has the capacity to pull out splinters and helps to cure boils, warts, and corns. Take the mushy white part of the peel and apply it on warts and put a band-aid on it. You should redo the treatment each day towards the end of the day till warts fall off.

6. Use For Cooking:

Citric acid, sugars, etc are utilized while preparing citrus foods. Why don’t you use citrus peels instead? You may grate and add the fruit peels to your preparations that will give the dish a tangy twist. You may tote the zest of citrus peels when you bake or prepare soups. You can effectively stock the peels in your freezer for future use.

7. Use For Acne:

Banana peel heals acne. It contains antifungal and antibiotic properties and is rich in minerals and vitamins. The inner side of the peel should be rubbed on the skin to deal with acne and even psoriasis. You can rub it on your face the night before sleeping.

8. Use For Skin Scrub:

Orange and lemon peels can be great skin scrubs for your skin. The peels can be dried and powdered to be used as an excellent scrub. You may apply the scrub with the aid of yogurt mixed with it. The mix aids in exfoliating your dermis and aggrandize your skin tone.

9. Use For Itchy Skin Relief:

Is your skin feeling itchy and irritated? Rub the banana peel mildly on the irked part of your skin. You may repeat the treatment often till you are relieved of the irritation and itch.

10. Use For Whiter Nails:

Lemon peels are very effective in whitening your nails naturally. Rub the lemon peel on your nails gently to strengthen and whiten along with cleansing your nails. Next time do not throw away the lemon peels but utilize their goodness sensibly.

11. Use As A Compost And Fertilizer:

Banana peels and citrus peels can make great fertilizers. They can be used as good material to compost. The potassium and phosphorus in the banana peels and the potassium in the skins of citrus fruits are very effective composting materials. They can be used as good fertilizer material when they are dried and ground.

12. Use As Tea:

You can use orange peels to make rejuvenating tea. Tangerine, orange, and mandarin peel teas are utilized to make a traditional panacea for coughs that result from lungs with enormous phlegm.

Chest congestion, mucus, and cough can be treated with this concoction. A lethargic metabolism can be invigorated with the consumption of a cup of orange peel tea.

13. Use As A Flea Repellent:

Orange peels are great flea repellent. You may boil some fresh orange skin in two cups of water and let it cool. You can sponge the repellent on your pet’s skin. The orange oil in the peel is a great flea repellent with a pleasant fragrance.

14. Use To Soothe A Mosquito Bite:

The banana peel has enormous healing characteristics. It has many utilities from whitening of your teeth to curing acne. The interior of the banana peel can be rubbed on the mosquito bite to soothe the swelling and reduces irritation of the skin.

15. Use To Make A Candy:

Orange peels may be utilized to make candy that tastes bittersweet. You must cook the peels in sugar syrup but don’t boil them. Simmer the peels so that they do not become rubberized in texture. The sweetened peels can be coated with dark chocolate for a tangy-sweet candy.

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