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17 Easy Christmas Lunch Ideas

Everyone looks forward to Christmas dinner, so why not make Christmas lunch special as well? Christmas Day may be hectic, with everything from gift-giving to church services and visits to relatives. Here are some easy, quick, and, most importantly, tasty Work Christmas lunch ideas.

Christmas party will no longer be tough for ladies and guys who do not frequently cook since the below 10 suggestions for Easy Christmas Lunch Ideas for everyone assure that you will throw the best Christmas party ever.

  1. Santa Claus Strawberry

Simply slicing across each pretty little strawberry, spritzing a little fresh cream on Santa’s face, you’ve got a super cute, super funny Santa Claus strawberry dessert for the Christmas party. Christmas lunch ideas for a large group cannot miss this kind of sweet dish.

  1. Christmas sticky rice

There is no need to be fussy with delicious foods from other countries, there is an easy-to-make Christmas dish that you can completely transform from the ingredient that is familiar to all people – rice, into a beautiful Chrismas-tree-shaped dish.

  1. Pumpkin pie with meat

Pumpkin pie with meat is delicious and it has enough power to warm people’s hearts in the middle of a cold winter night because of its aroma, deliciousness, warmth, and rich in nutrients. The shape like real pumpkins is also a plus point of the cake to attract the eyes of the viewer.

  1. Cauliflower pine tree

No need for dexterity, just through a few quick shaping steps, you have a plate of cauliflower in the shape of a pine tree that is extremely suitable for the atmosphere of the Christmas party. So it is impossible not to list this dish in the list of Work Christmas lunch ideas for everyone, right?

  1. Snowman gingerbread cookies

Gingerbread cookies are no stranger to Christmas parties. Instead of spending hours or even hours creating gingerbread houses or gingerbread carriages, snowman gingerbread cookies are the easiest choice for beginners, as all you need is a cake mold.

  1. Christmas jelly

Jelly is an easy dish to make for everyone, even children, so Christmas jelly can’t make it difficult for anyone. The vibrant color of the jelly combined with the cool taste will be very suitable to become a dessert after the Christmas party.

  1. Grilled vegetable skewers

Just a glance is enough for the color of the grilled vegetables to make the eyes bloom. That color will contribute to making your Christmas lunch ideas for a large groups more brilliant. Why don’t you give it a try today?

  1. Snowman eggs

Quail eggs are attached to each other to form the head and body, adding a few eye-nose details to form extremely lovely and pretty snowman boys, looking at them but not wanting to eat. This is definitely one of your easy Christmas lunch ideas!

  1. Chocolate mousse

Work Christmas lunch ideas list cannot ignore chocolate mousse – a perfect choice for Christmas party desserts because of its sweet, greasy taste without being overwhelming, extremely easy, and quick to make. Let’s go to the kitchen to prepare delicious dishes for the family during Christmas.

  1. Baked Feta Egg Casserole

The ubiquitous feta pasta fad collides with a casserole! For Christmas lunch, your entire family will enjoy this delicious tomato and egg bake. Don’t forget to serve it with some fresh bread to soak up all the delicious juices!

  1. Parmesan Brussels Sprouts Salad

Making a Brussels sprouts salad may sound overwhelming, but it doesn’t take long to prepare. Tossed with toasted almonds, sliced Parmesan, and pomegranate seeds, it’s the perfect side dish for any gathering, especially your formal holiday meal.

  1. Watermelon Slad Stars

With this super-easy dish concept, you can turn fresh watermelon and creamy feta into a savory Christmas appetizer. Arrange watermelon stars in the shape of a Christmas tree on a wide board or dish. Crumble over the feta, drizzle with the oil, and top with the mint leaves and black pepper.

  1. Christmas rocky road

This recipe, which mixes Coles gingerbread and shortbread fingers, will transform your typical rocky road – present as a gift or serve as a sweet treat with coffee to round up your Christmas Day feast!

  1. The ultimate Aussie Christmas salad

The simple salad dish will be the focus of your Christmas feast, layered with fresh Australian ingredients including mango, prawns, and avocado and drizzled with a creamy sweet chili vinaigrette.

  1. Christmas Wreath cake

This trifle wreath made with jelly, sponge rolls, custard, and cream is the simplest no-cook Christmas dessert ever. Jelly cubes, meringues, spearmint leaves, raspberries, sugar cane, and cachous can be used to decorate.

  1. Spinach and Feta Quick Bread

This delectable loaf is packed with nutritious spinach and salty feta. In a mixing bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, salt, pepper, feta, and spinach, toss to coat, and then add the oil, buttermilk, and egg mixture. Bake this the day before, and you’ll have a ready-to-go light lunch (as-is or with a salad) to keep everyone going until the feast.

  1. Pot Pie with Turkey Leftovers

Pot pies are usually a hit with the crowds, so make one for Christmas lunch this year! This turkey version with a traditional pastry crust is one of our favorites. It may also be made with rotisserie chicken.=


There’s something for everyone with these easy-to-prepare Work Christmas lunch ideas. Try one of these easy Christmas lunch ideas above as you may be stuck with Christmas presents wrapping and butter cookies for the dinner. Wanna see more recipes? Follow our site and keep updated on the latest posts.