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Liz Taylor’s Healthier Diet – Know what she includes in it.

The ’60s were the glory years of Hollywood divas, and for Liz Taylor, they were the period of maximum brilliance. Then she won the Oscar for “Butterfield 8” and received the role proposal for Cleopatra, the film that made her the highest-paid actress. She was considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, but few knew how much the diva fought for her perfect look and wasp silhouette.

In 1960, her daily diet included an omelet, bacon, and a Mimosa cocktail (champagne and citrus juice). At lunch, he ate white bread, peanut butter, and bacon again, and at dinner, there was a real feast: chicken, peas, cornbread, home-made potato chips, and the indispensable glass of whiskey. For divas now this menu is more than decadent. It’s greed.

Unhealthy eating habits soon ended. During her marriage to Richard Burton (fifth for Liz Taylor), she had reached a spectacular weight of 81 kg. He started the diet and reached 55 kg. She was better than ever, and that led her to write Elizabeth takes off – about how she gained weight, how she lost weight, her self-esteem, and her image. The book, published in 1988, quickly became a bestseller.

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Many have bought the book out of curiosity to find out how a woman who appreciates the best in all fields – food, furs, jewelry, men – can write about diet and restrictions?

The actress advocates for many meals with fish and reducing the consumption of red meat, vegetables, and fresh fruits. Nothing bad so far! There remained, however, the special days when Liz was enjoying her heart’s desire. Many diets rely on this because it helps the psyche tormented by dietary restrictions, but the actress called her pampering days “pig’s day”. That is, a kind of Romanian classic “you eat like a pig”. Then eat only what you want: fried chicken, puree, corn, chocolate cakes, and ice cream.

The diva’s food choices are debatable if you think about the classic weight-loss regimes. In addition to the heart-wrenching food days, Liz Taylor’s diet menus included toast and fruit every morning, steaks, cheese, and sour cream, peanut butter sandwiches, ratatouille, and a splash of alcohol from time to time. When.

In principle, the actress knew what a healthy diet was, but she allowed herself to perform. She did everything in moderation, even the exercises because she didn’t want to look like a bodybuilder, but just to maintain an ideal weight. Liz Taylor, however, had another diet secret. Psychic exercises that help her control what she eats. That’s because he had long since eaten to make up for other things he lacked in life. Taylor tells in the book about her diet in an alcohol treatment center and how she overcame the death of her third husband trying to keep his life under control.

How much weight do you lose on such a diet? The result is not guaranteed. An editor of New York Magazine tried the standard 14-day regime. He managed to lose only 3 kg and was left with a huge feeling of hunger. But maybe here was the secret of a real diva. Never feel full and always long for the best.

Liz Taylor had an Italian appetite on a Friday night, and the reward of the chef who prepared her food was just right.

As he saw her walking in Ralph’s Italian restaurant in Philadelphia, the chef was more than happy, and that’s because his 11-year-old son, who has autism, is a Taylor Swift fan and always listens to his music. After telling the artist how much he appreciated her, he was left masked by the singer’s gesture.

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