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7 CBD oil benefits for health


7 cool facts about CBD capsules

Are your cannabidiol (CBD) users? Or have you only heard about the potential benefits of CBD, but not yet tried this non-psychoactive, alternative remedy for yourself?

Whether you have experience with CBD or not, in this article, we are going to explain the benefits offered by CBD capsules. When choosing the perfect CBD product, it helps to know what you can expect from it specifically, and how it may differ from some of the other wholesale CBD products available.

Get an accurate and consistent CBD dose

Both cannabis and CBD users may not worry too much about their exact dose when taking CBD. However, those who are just dipping their toes into the CBD world may put a higher value on accuracy, and be keen on taking a set amount as part of their dosage plan.

This is much easier with capsules than other types of CBD, where you have to allow for some variance (hemp flower and e-liquid, for instance). You know that when consuming capsules, a set dose of CBD has been infused into each one. In this regard, they work even better than tinctures, since you don’t have to measure out a dose.

A discreet way of taking CBD

Discretion is a priority for many CBD users, who don’t want to draw attention to the fact that they are using a cannabis-derived product – even though hemp-based CBD is fully legal, there’s still a stigma with cannabis. CBD capsules don’t have any aroma, as the extract is completely sealed inside – some companies use hard capsules, others prefer soft gel capsules.

Available in isolate or full-spectrum form

CBD capsules are sold with both of the main types of extract – CBD-isolate and full-spectrum CBD. While these are similar in the sense that the CBD is the most important ingredient, there are some vital differences to be aware of. CBD-isolate capsules are made with pure CBD, which has been made by not just extracting the compound from the hemp, but by separating the CBD from other compounds in the extract. This is great if you need a CBD product that guarantees a clean drug test.

In contrast, full-spectrum CBD capsules are comprised of all the components in hemp. Many cannabis activists argue that this boosts the therapeutic value of CBD. These products contain lots of other cannabinoids and a small quantity (less than 0.3%) of THC.

Long-lasting effects

CBD capsules last longer than smoking a CBD joint, vaping a CBD e-liquid, or using a CBD tincture oil. This all comes down to how the body absorbs the CBD, and with capsules, the CBD oil contained within passes into the body via the bloodstream. As this cannot happen until the capsule has been broken down, the effects of capsules are not instant. But it is this steadier release that allows for the long-lasting effects, which are key for efficiently managing chronic illnesses.

Good for boosting sleep

CBD can help with sleep in several ways. The relaxing and calming properties are felt in both the body and mind, and can help to naturally promote sleep, without causing nasty side effects, and especially addiction, as sleeping pills have become so notorious for. CBD, therefore, is potentially beneficial for insomnia, and at eliminating fatigue.

Capsules, in particular, are perfect for the conditions that are preventing you from getting good sleep. For instance, sleep apnea – which CBD can assist with – causes you to wake up many times throughout the night. The pain relief provided by CBD capsules also has you covered until morning.

Can help with fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is an illness with an array of horrible symptoms, from reduced cognitive function to inflammation to tender points, which are painful when pressed. This is a condition that has frustrated patients and doctors alike, as the inability to find a cause has led to poor treatment options.

However, CBD capsules could relieve fibromyalgia, tackling the root cause, which increasingly appears to be dysfunction in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). CBD doesn’t just function in the ECS but has a regulatory role in the system.

Soothes chronic pain

Capsules from brands like CBD Drip are great at soothing chronic pain since they offer the benefits of a full-spectrum extract. With chronic pain, symptoms hardly ever cease, leaving the patient in a constant state of discomfort. Rather than using a CBD product where the effects wear off after a while, the extended relief from capsules makes them much more cost-efficient.