CBD oil use for pain

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It is true that a lot of people rely on cannabidiol for pain management. However, additional scientific research is necessary to ensure that it is safe. Knowing how CBD works is important to overcome any stigma that is associated with it.

When some people take CBD products, they tend to experience side effects. Hence, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration before relying on CBD oil for pain management.

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Cannabis plants are often called marijuana or hemp and they contain different chemical compounds levels.

The CBD level of the plants is affected by the way they are bred. A lot of CBD oil is extracted from industrial hemp since marijuana contains less CBD than hemp. Different methods are employed by the producers of CBD oil to extract this compound from the plants. Carrier oil is then added to the extract to produce CBD oil.


There are over 120 compounds that are popularly referred to as cannabinoids and CBD is one of them. A lot of people link plants that contain cannabinoids to cannabis.

CBD does not induce a psychoactive or euphoric high effect, unlike its cannabinoid counterparts such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The reason behind this is that the same receptors that are affected by THC are not affected by CBD.

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The human body translates the signals it receives from cannabinoids through a system called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Our body secretes some of these cannabinoids on its own. The ECS helps in regulating several body functions such as immune-system responses, pain, and sleep.

The brain’s endocannabinoid receptors are affected as soon as THC is introduced to the body. The result of this is the euphoric high effects on the body. This produces a pleasure chemical known as dopamine as it activates the reward system of the brain.


For thousands of years, people have used CBD to manage different categories of pain. However, scientists have just recently begun studying it again.

Here are a few benefits of CBD oil in treating pain.

  • ARTHRITIS: Scientific research was conducted on animals to determine if CBD can be useful in managing the pain that comes from arthritis. A topical gel that contains CBD was applied to a rat that had arthritis. The conclusion of the study was a significant reduction in the signs of pain and inflammation.
  • MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS: A report indicated that the spasticity that a person with multiple sclerosis experiences can be reduced by applying CBD oil.


CBD possesses a wide range of promising possibilities when applied. Some of these possibilities and applications are:

  • Treating epilepsy and seizures
  • Treating anxiety
  • Combating type 1diabetes, cancer, and acne.
  • Drug withdrawal and quitting smoking.

 It is true that additional research is needed to verify some of the safe uses of CBD oil as it continues to portray itself as a potentially versatile and promising treatment.

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