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Is it possible to cure patients without cardiac surgery?

If you believe in the myth that all heart attacks need surgery, you have been living under the wrong impression. There are many proven procedures to cure heart conditions.

Unless the state is not extremely critical, it is possible to treat certain heart conditions with non-invasive techniques. The varying heart conditions can be resolved with lifestyle changes, medical drugs, and exercise.

You must visit the best cardiac treatment hospital to inquire about their non-invasive procedures for treating CVD. As you scroll down and read further, you will learn about the different cures medical science can offer for heart conditions.

Types of non-invasive procedures for cardiovascular diseases


After suffering from a heart attack, your cardiologist will prescribe you some medication for a while that will allow you to control your condition. Different medications commonly prescribed for heart patients include.

  1. To prevent clogged arteries, your doctor will prescribe you statins which help lower blood cholesterol.
  2. Antiplatelet medicines or aspirin is a blood thinner that prevents forming blood clots.
  3. People suffering from high blood pressure are prescribed beta-blockers and angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors to lower their blood pressure. Beta-blockers support reducing chest pain and controlling irregular heartbeats.
  4. Another medicine that helps dilate the arteries is Nitroglycerin or nitrates. It prevents any further damage to the muscle and regulates the blood flow.

To ensure that these medications will only work correctly if you take them under the observation of a doctor.

Make patients make the biggest mistake by discontinuing the medicines on their own without consulting the cardiologist. So, if you want to see results, never make this decision on your own.

Lifestyle Changes and Exercise

Your lifestyle has a massive impact on your heart health. People’s kind of lifestyle in big cities like Bangalore can impact their health.

Partying till late at night, consuming alcohol, smoking, irregular sleep, stress, unhealthy eating habit, and lack of physical activity are causes for rising Cardiovascular diseases.

By following a routine, changing your lifestyle, and monitoring your diet and activities, you can control your heart condition. Here are some things to do to get things back on the right track.

  1. Indulge in physical activity and try to reduce weight. People with obesity are more prone to suffering from heart diseases.
  2. Talk to a nutritionist and get a healthy diet chart. As per American Heart Association, heart patients must eat fish to control blood pressure and blood cholesterol.
  3. Quit consuming alcohol and tobacco products.
  4. Indulge in meditation to avoid stress and anxiety.

By making a few changes here and there, you can reduce the risk of further damage. Talk to your doctor and understand what physical activity your condition permits and try to do as much as you can follow religiously.

Coronary artery stenting and Angioplasty

The cause of suffering from a heart attack is a blocked artery that restricts the flow of oxygenated blood to all parts of the heart. The clogged artery can be treated with a minor non-invasive procedure called Angioplasty.

In this procedure, a small tube attached with a balloon on end is inserted into or near the blocked artery and is inflated and deflated to clear the blockage. It will open up the path for blood to flow and prevent it from closing again.

You can visit and discuss the procedure in detail at the best cardiac treatment hospital where you’ll meet top cardiac surgeons and consultants to enlighten you.

Before you consult any doctor or visit a hospital, ensure that you research and read the reviews to understand what you can expect.

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