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Hemp oil cures asthma

Believe it or cannabis has been proven to be beneficial to a person suffering from asthma and in more than one way It may sound odd at first when you read that cannabis can be of benefit to a person suffering from asthma, but that is because the main way the drug is consumed is by smoking. With asthma being a respiratory illness and the word ‘cannabis’ bringing up visions of big joints or clouds of smoke it is easy to see why.

  • But what progresses have been made in the way that cannabis has been used to combat such illness like asthma?
  • And in what ways can the use of this otherwise recreational drug be to the average asthma sufferer?

Whether you are a regular down at the cannabis dispensary or you simply suffer from asthma, read on to see how cannabis can help.

The many uses of cannabis oil

The disease in question is asthma, a disease that affects a person’s respiratory system and therefore their ability to breathe. With over a quarter of a million people around the world now suffering from asthma, it is no wonder that research on cannabis and its medicinal benefits for an asthma patient has been widespread.

Types of cannabis

Here are how you can make marijuana work for your illness; well the top six anyway.

So what are these benefits then?

Tonics and tinctures.

Ever since the early twenties, there was a record of cannabis being used to make up a tonic or a tincture. These medicinal remedies were used to treat bronchial illnesses and stresses. There are a few reasons why this would have worked then and why now with the aid of modern medicine and the better understanding of cannabis itself, does even more so today. When a person has an asthmatic episode they experience violent coughing both before and afterward. The pain caused by such violent coughing can be treated with cannabis. Nowadays the science behind these tonics does not doubt over the years become sounder too.

Used as an anti-Inflammatory.

An asthmatic episode can be brought on or made worse but several factors. Allergies are amongst the top of that list and so that makes chronic inflammation one of the leading causes of an allergic asthma attack. The active ingredients, both psychoactive and non-psychoactive, are shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. These same anti-inflammatory properties have already been proven to help with the chronic pains suffered by arthritis and multiple sclerosis patients who were treated with cannabis. This can help with the pain that is experienced before and after an asthma attack.

In conjunction with or even replacing your Inhaler.

For decades asthma has been treated by the use of an inhaler. This Bronchodilator device is used to try and open up the branches of networking tubes that close enough to slow your oxygen intake. The chosen ingredient in most of these inhalers is salbutamol. However, figures of late have shown that cannabis is just as effective in the reduction of bronchial constriction. There is more and more research being done into the new science of cannabis inhalers as well.

Cannabis as an antibiotic.

Asthma or some forms of it have been caused by a viral infection and therefore the weakened immune system can become more open to attack from outside irritants. Cannabis is also in possession of antibiotic properties which can be beneficial to asthma sufferers. Some common treatments for asthma include the regular use of antibiotics. This is aimed at reducing the more severe symptoms of asthma.

Anti-Spasm and muscle tension-relief.

Multiple sclerosis sufferers are already reaping the benefit of a pharmaceutical cannabis product that was put on the market recently. Relaxation has long been one of the main uses of cannabis and is key to its popularity in recreational use. It is also these properties that can have antispasmodic and muscle tension-relieving effects. It may be hard to believe but even smoking cannabis can calm an asthma attack.

Vaporize your cannabis.

Although smoking cannabis has been proven to slow the onset of an asthma attack, smoking is fast becoming the more popular method to use cannabis. This rise in popularity must be double for the community of asthma sufferers out there as it is by far the best way for someone suffering from asthma to gain from the medical benefits of cannabis. This manner of taking cannabis allows for consumption with less irritation of the lungs and less chance of causing the very spasms that cannabis has been proven to lessen.

For years and years now marijuana has been getting better and better at utilizing the many great properties contained in cannabis. You can even get edibles and extracts that with the right doses can drastically lower your chances of the attack and lessen the symptoms. Get down to the best cannabis dispensary near you to make cannabis work for your asthma.

John Levy is a professional blogger covering news and other topics related to the health benefits of cannabis and related products. Currently, working for Pot Valet- a leading company to provide marijuana napa, John loves to share research-oriented work with others.

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