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Propoints Weight Watchers

The weight watcher’s point system is a device designed to assist individuals in controlling or shedding weight in a manner that can influence a person’s life and eating habits. The calculator is able to calculate the point value of a particular food item based on known parameters.

Latest Calculator

After December 15, 2015, points are calculated on sugar, calories saturated fat, and protein. The majority of vegetables and fruits remain zero-point food items.

The nutrients in vegetables and fruits are only considered when they are combined with other food items. In the year 2018, a new point system was introduced.

It still follows the same calculation method, but it also includes over 200 food items that are zero points, which include mainly protein sources that are lean, like eggs, seafood and tofu, chicken skinless breasts, and many others.

The new system also permits the rolling over of four unutilized points each day to a person’s weekly point allotment. In the wake of these changes, one’s daily allowance of points has been reduced.

The changes, however, should provide a person with more flexibility than before the system due to the multitude of new zero points food options.

Note: This stats calculator is provided to you for personal use and should use as a reference only.

Medical and other choices shouldn’t be based solely upon the calculations of this tool. While this device has been evaluated, we can’t ensure that it is accurate in its calculations or the results.

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