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Activity Points



It is a web-based Activity Points calculator employed if you’re following the Weight Watchers plan to follow for your weight loss regimen. This tool can be utilized in conjunction with the points plus system in addition to the traditional points system.

This isn’t the right calculator to calculate Fit Points. Fit Points belong to those who are on the Smart Pts plan and there isn’t a common calculation for this. Instead, the rewards you receive for exercising are personalized to you. You need to request this from Your WW Coach. In their smart Points program, the reward for your exercise is determined by gender, age and weight as well as the level of your activity.

If you’re still following the plan plus (or that plan originally) then this calculator is the one for you. Make sure you select the right selection on the form that corresponds to the plan of points you’re adhering to.

If you’re interested in learning details about the Weight Watchers program and how many points you could earn from exercising, scroll down for more information.

In order to use this calculator, you’ll have to enter your weight and duration of the workout will take, the degree of intensity and your plan. If you’re not sure which one to choose for the intensity degree then go below to aid you in determining the intensity you’re exercising at or follow the guide below to help you.

If you’d like to utilize this calculator to calculate activity points then you can click this reset feature to delete the form, or simply type the latest data and click the calculate button.

Gaging Intensity Level

If you are planning to begin training and use the activity points calculator then you’ll need to determine the intensity you are working out at. Because this is somewhat subjective, there can be some guidelines that will help choose the appropriate degree of intensity.


If during your workout, you can sing or talk and your breathing is steady and you’re doing not feel sweaty, you are in an exercise that is low-intensity.


If your breathing is slow and frequent and you begin sweating within 10 minutes, that could be considered a moderate workout. If you are able to talk for about a couple of sentences, but not keep a conversation going and sing. Then you’re in a moderate state.


A vigorous workout that is intense can be determined by intense breathing and sweating that lasts for three to five minutes. It’s possible that you can speak briefly, but you absolutely cannot sing a tune. If this is a resounding description of your exercise routine, then choose the most high-level option on the calculator of activity points.

Activity Points Overview

If you’re a member of Weight Watchers and you are still on the points program (or the original plan) You already realize that you can earn more points through doing exercises, participating in things you enjoy, or even working around the home.

Activity points are points that you can earn from being active. Exercise is an essential part of any diet plan and Weight Watchers recognize this. Therefore, they’ve provided the opportunity to reward those who are active with extra points. These points can be used during the week should they be needed.

They can be useful for some special event (and food points might be more) or for the sweet snack you’ve been craving, or for the occasional drink of alcohol.

The decision of whether to utilize the devices or not to use them is left to the person who makes the decision. There is no requirement to utilize them. Even if you choose not to utilize them it is essential for any weight loss program is on the move.

As the activity point calculator illustrates, there are certain data that is required to obtain the best outcomes. It is important to know your weight, duration of exercise, and intensity. The weight you exercise in is determined by the Weight Watchers program someone following the calculation may differ.

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