7 Ways To Use Buttermilk On Skin And Hair

7 Ways To Use Buttermilk On Skin And Hair

Buttermilk is a natural nourishing ingredient filled with various benefits for health, skin, and hair. If you love this delicious ad refreshing drink,

you would love to know its benefits and different uses for your skin and hair. With probiotics and different minerals, this amazing drink is filled with such elements which can nourish and enlighten your dry hair!

With various ingredients, it can also be sued for different skin issues! If you love drinking a glass full of buttermilk daily, know the other benefits and use of buttermilk for hair and skin and try it the right way!

As a conditioner, as a moisturizer, as a skin cleanser, and more, here are 7 Ways To Use Buttermilk On Skin And Hair.

1. Apply It On Your Scalp As A Conditioner:

Buttermilk is a nourishing and hydrating ingredient. If your hair feels extremely dry, rough, and brittle, this is an intense repair formula that you can try and revive your hair.

Buttermilk and make your scalp beautifully hydrated and would keep you stunned with the results. Apply buttermilk on your scalp for conditioning and you will get super cool results!

2. Buttermilk As An Anti Pigmentation Ingredient:

If your skin is pigmented and you find it patchy, you can use this amazing ingredient to brighten up your complexion and fight patchiness.

Get some buttermilk, add a little gram of flour and apply it to your face daily. This would make your skin even-toned and bright within just a few days!

3. As An Tan Removing Agent:

If your skin is dark and has got affected by extreme suntan, here is an awesome ingredient that you can use to remove tan. Buttermilk is filled with some awesome ingredients which can fight suntan and reduce the darkness soon.

Mix some buttermilk and tomato juice and apply this brightening mixture on your skin daily. Let it work on your skin for few minutes and rinse! This would make your skin bright and beautiful as never before!

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4. As A Skin Cleanser:

If your skin is affected with dark spots, dullness, pores, blackheads, and such issues, use buttermilk as an effective skin cleanser and make your skin look radiant!

Mix some buttermilk and baking soda with rose water and apply it to your skin. Rinse after few minutes and this would make your skin flawless!

5. As A Skin Moisturizer:

If you want to moisturize your dry, rough, and dull skin here is buttermilk to solve all your skin issues! Apply buttermilk on your skin and let it work on your skin for few minutes. This would repair and hydrate your skin as never before! Use this and your skin would become conditioned beautifully!

6. For Strong And Thick Hair:

For thick and gorgeous hair, this is the best ingredient that you can use. Buttermilk can strengthen your hair from the roots and make them thick, shiny, and glorious.

Mix some eggs, buttermilk, and banana, and apply this strengthening mask to your hair. This would get you some flawless results that you never imagined!

7. For Fighting Dandruff:

If your scalp s loaded with tons and tons of dandruff, here is an ingredient that can fight dandruff and make your scalp beautifully cleansed. Massage some buttermilk on your scalp and let it work for few minutes.

Rinse with water and get rid of dandruff soon! This is a cool ingredient which can you can try and fight dandruff in just a few uses!