10 Most Harmful Side Effects Of Skipping Breakfast

10 Most Harmful Side Effects Of Skipping Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which is consumed during the morning time generally between 8 am to 9 am after having tea. People use to consume different types of food items in their meal plan during breakfast time to give refreshment and energy to their stomach and overall body.
Therefore, it is very necessary to consume a healthy breakfast in the morning to keep your body fit and free from diseases. But unfortunately, many people neglect the importance of breakfast and skip it from their daily meal plan which is really a direct invitation for diseases.

Here Are 10 Most Adverse Effects Of Skipping Breakfast That You Need To Know If You Too Skip Breakfast Everyday Due To Any Reason:

10 Most Harmful Side Effects Of Skipping Breakfast

1. Affects Heart Health

Skipping breakfast is very bad for heart health and increases the risk of occurring complex heart problems like a heart attack. Skipping breakfast results in increasing hypertension and stress in the mind of its skipper that later on with the passage of time gives birth to heart problems and clogging of arteries.

Regular skipping of breakfast may also make your body prone to chronic cardiovascular health complications.

2. Causes Hair Loss

Skipping breakfast is also very bad for the hair health of a person who skips it by reducing the formation of keratin which is mainly responsible for hair growth. Breakfast is very necessary for hair health because it offers complete nutrition and strength to the hair follicles which in turn makes your hair roots strong.

It is therefore advisable for both men and women to take their breakfast having some protein-rich foods on time to promote hair growth and safeguarding your hair follicles from hair loss issues.

3. Lowers Metabolism

Breakfast skipping is also bad for metabolism and decreases the immunity level of breakfast skippers. Regular avoidance of breakfast decreases the immunity level and makes the liver weak by damaging liver cells which later on takes an image of complex liver disorder like jaundice as well as other health complications like anemia.

Studies prove that a person who takes breakfast regularly generally possesses higher metabolism than the skipper.

4. Causes Diabetes:

Skipping breakfast also leads to the generation of Type 2 diabetes and generally targets females because they usually have a habit of skipping breakfast due to their busy schedule in the kitchen. Therefore, women must consume even little amount of healthy food during the morning time as a breakfast to protect their body against such severe health conditions.

5. Causes Cancer:

Skipping breakfast also increases the risk of occurring cancer especially among those persons who’re overweight and following any specific weight loss plan to reduce their weight. Breakfast skipping inhibits the initiation of dangerous cancer cells which over time take the form of life-threatening cancer disease.

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6. Affects Cognitive Function:

Skipping breakfast also affects cognitive functioning especially among youngsters and teenagers who didn’t have enough time to have their breakfast in their busy schedule. Improper cognitive functioning generally increases the risk of complex health problems of kidneys and lungs.

7. Unexpected Weight Gain:

It really sounds awkward but it is a fact that sometimes skipping breakfast is somehow unhealthy for a person following any weight loss regime because such a gap generally increases their craving for fatty and sugary food in their lunch as well as dinner.

Breakfast skip is not a solution for attaining fast weight loss because it usually disturbs the intake of calories daily recommended by a dietician for a fast weight loss.

8. Lowers Energy Level:

Skipping breakfast harms the mood and energy level of an individual. People having such habits generally realize early fatigue and lack of concentration while performing tasks of their daily routine. Regular skipping of breakfast also gives generation stress in the mind by making the nerves of the brain tired and compressed.

9. Causes Migraines:

Skipping breakfast may also make your body prone to brain-related problems like migraines thereby increasing the blood sugar level in your body. An early symptom of migraine includes headache and compensate in hypoglycemia by realizing the hormones which are mainly responsible for such complication.

10. Increases Hangover Effect:

Breakfast skipping is very bad for brain function and it reduces the memory power of remembering thereby directly raising the handover effect especially among the person who is addicted to alcohol.

To ward off the hangover of alcoholic dosage, one needs a nutritious and healthy diet for raising energy levels. Skipping breakfast to such a person also causes different side effects like nausea, headaches, and lowering of blood sugar level on their health.