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To understand brain integrity, it is important to understand the brain structure and the application behind it helping in decoding the memory function. The hippocampal memory is the important brain structure located inside the temporal lobe forming a part of the limbic system. It plays an important role in encoding information and retrieval of episodic memory. The hippocampus has a traditional role in memory and learning.

Long-term memory allows you to remember when the brain recollects the event. On the other hand, Spatial function is the capacity to understand, reason out and remember. These are governed by specialized neural networks. Hippocampus is the brain area known for its role in memory function.

All these functions require energy and have a mechanism in a place called the brain metabolism where blood glucose metabolism takes place along with an increase in the ketone bodies. Caloric restriction increases Adenosine Tri Phosphate which is ATP production at the cellular level in the entire body and conversion of ketone bodies takes place at a higher pace thus increasing ketone bodies and early onset of glucose reduction. As glucose is used up through the process of brain metabolism, ketone bodies or by-products increases thereby fluctuating the glucose levels and body weight.

This generates neuroprotective effects in which there is the consumption of glucose thus protecting the body from metabolic disorders like diabetes and cholesterol in the long term and increasing the longevity of the lifespan in humans.

This is important to note here that caloric restriction is an age-independent change where the process increases ketone bodies and causes a reduction in blood glucose. Caloric restriction causes an increase in ATP production which increases the neuronal activity and causes the neuron from refraining to die with activation of brain metabolism which in turn preserves the white matter and helps in maintaining the structural integrity of the brain.

So Caloric Restriction diet helps in maintaining long-term memory by preserving the corpus callosum function and the white matter integrity. Normal aging shows a reduction in blood glucose metabolism which affects the white matter and long-term memory and leads to memory decline as it increases the pace of neuronal degeneration with age. Caloric restriction helps at the cellular level of the brain helping in mitochondrial function producing ATP for energy production which facilitates the brain metabolism and enhances cognitive function. It resists the ability of the brain to age and causes neurodegenerative changes in the brain and the body.

Elevated levels of glucose can have detrimental effects on the body which have a strong connection with diabetes and cholesterol in the body affecting the body mass index (BMI) which leads to a shorter lifespan. Healthy levels would help in maintaining the central nervous system lifespan. Also, a Caloric restriction diet should include the micronutrients and the macronutrients which are Vitamin B, C, D, E, and omega 3 fatty acid which is essential for the brain which helps as a preventive measure for dementia enhancing the cognitive function of the brain.

Physical fitness plays a very important role in the mechanism of brain development which helps in improving spatial memory Remember when it comes to memory the hippocampus, a brain structure vital for a certain type of memory the size matters. Bigger the better which can help in neuronal functioning.

Elderly patients with good fitness levels must have bigger hippocampus which tends to shrink with age for better spatial memory. The brain consumes about one-fifth of the total body oxygen. Proper flow of oxygen along with nutrients is essential to each part of the brain which helps in neuronal functioning and enhances memory.

Energy production and neuronal activity are induced by caloric restriction which helps in better cognitive function. The main energy-demanding functions of the brain are those related to the excitation of neurons and conduction of the nervous system which leads to glucose utilization through the brain metabolism mechanism. Continuous cerebral circulation is essential to provide oxygen and nutrients to the brain to maintain brain structure integrity and memory storage and retrieval.

Not only the brain utilizes oxygen and glucose with nutrients but is absolutely dependant on uninterrupted oxidative metabolism for maintenance of structural and functional integrity. Since oxygen stored in the brain is small as compared to its utilization any uninterrupted flow of oxygen, glucose or nutrients causes loss of consciousness in a matter of fewer than 10 secs which leads to death of neurons and neuronal activity gets affected. So cerebral blood flow along with brain metabolism for glucose utilization is the appetite for the brain.


A professional approach towards an eating regime acts as a key element in achieving a successful diet. Check what you eat. A well-balanced nutritious diet with normal body weight is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is no specific diet that can be followed but prevention of certain foods can help. If you decide to restrict certain foods like some people feel better by restricting heavy oily meals, high intake of sugar or artificial sweeteners, excess of spicy food, or by restricting milk and dairy products. Make sure that you choose correct substitutes for the same.

A nutritious diet, high in calories and protein along with vitamins minerals, and an iron supplement is needed. It will also include some aerobic exercise with some active videos to stay fit and stay refreshed to beat every day with a positive frame of mind.


Exercise is physical activity intend to improve strength and stamina. Working out in the gym is essential as weight training exercises help develop stamina. Also doing cardio can help beat your cholesterol levels in the long run. Low-density lipoproteins are injurious to health. Melting down that fat is equally important and increasing muscle mass and bone weight. Getting that flat-toned ab is not easy but taking care of diet and religiously exercising can help you achieve that.

Maintenance is the key factor that has an important role to play in achieving a healthy lifestyle.
Sweating out acts as a stress buster as well. Maintaining weight will help you prevent any cardiovascular problems like blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood cholesterol.

Other Alternatives

Undoubtedly, proper coordination of diet and exercise can help in boosting brain memory power in the long run. But there are other alternatives as well. Taking your vitamins daily is also essential which helps in boosting memory power. Do not forget the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from the food that have brainstorming effects on the memory. Also, certain peptides can serve the same purpose.

But simultaneously, there is also a need to have doctor’s advice before consuming them. One such peptide is BPC-157 Australia that improves the memory level in an individual. These peptides also provide other numerous benefits such as improvement of cognitive and other general brain functions.

Be focus and adaptive to any changes in your lifestyle which improves the quality of your life.


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