Blackheads face home remedies

(Last Updated On: 2018-06-16)

These 5 Natural Blackhead-Clearing Masks Are Like Vacuums for Your Pores

A pimple, oily skin, white head, and blackheads these are the most common problems in our face that are very hard to prevent, especially, when you are always exposing to dirt and germs. So what is a blackhead?

Blackhead is a common problem in our skin in which a clog develops on the opening of hair follicles in your skin. Each of the follicles in our skin contains one hair and a sebaceous gland that produces oil. That oil is called sebum; sebum is mainly responsible for maintaining the softness of the skin. This dead skin cells that inhibit oil is called comedy. That’s how blackheads will start, meaning to say the only way to prevent and lessen the blackheads is to make sure that our skin is moisturized and dead skins are not present

The dermatologist also reminds people that squishing and rubbing part of the skin with blackheads doesn’t help they’re just making it worse. The face and neck are the usual part of the skin that has blackheads. Blackheads do not occur because of dirt, they are oxidized melanin. The reason why these oxidize melanin turn into the black color, it is because when the pores are plugged dead cells react to the oxygen present in the air.

Compare to any other skin problems or a facial problem, blackheads is not because you were exposed in the dirt, it is naturally occurring most especially when the pores are plugged. The areas where these blackheads occur are in the area where a high level of follicles grows.

Here are 5 Natural Blackhead-Clearing Masks Are like Vacuums for Your Pores



Cinnamon should be combined in honey and lemon juice. This is because these three ingredients play a good effect on the skin when it comes to fighting dead cells and getting rid of those blackheads. The reason why cinnamon is very good in fighting blackheads is that it exfoliates dead skin cells, remember what I say, blackheads occur when the pores are plugged and the dead skin cells expose to the oxygen in the air.

It is simply to say that if the skin or your face has less dead skin cells, you were most likely no blackheads at all because these dead cells are the main reason why you have blackheads. It is best to combine with different ingredients such as honey, lemon juice, and turmeric as well as a facial mask. In this way, through combining this ingredient you will feel like you get rid all of the blackheads on a certain part, because of their natural abilities. Also, the beneficial thing about cinnamon is that it has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which fights the pimples and acne.

Here is a sample of a cinnamon mask:

Cinnamon Honey Mask


  • ½ tsp. cinnamon.
  • 1tbsp. honey.
  • few drops of lemon juice.

Blackheads face home remedies


Cinnamon Turmeric Mask


  • ½ tsp. of cinnamon.
  • 1tbsp of honey.
  •  A pinch of turmeric.


Lemon Juice.

Another vital ingredient that can remove blackheads like a vacuum is lemon juice. Lemon juice is a very nutritious fruit, in which it has the most content of vitamin C nutrients, which almost the entire body need. But when it comes to fighting blackheads, lemon juice has a very wonderful content and that is astringent.

Astringent is a nutrient present in the lemon juice, wherein it helps the skin fights constrict and shrink excess oil because there is the cause of overreaction in the dead cells in our skin, it is also the cause of blackheads. If our skin lack of oil, problems will occur, same as excessive oil in the skin. That’s why the use of lemon juice with another ingredient will help the skin normalize the level of oil in the skin.

Another beneficial thing about lemon juice is it has anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties which fight bacteria-causing acne and avoiding future acne. Lemon juice has also Potassium, which keeps the skin hydrated and moisturizes, remember that if the skin is properly hydrated and moisturize dead skin skins will not occur.

Here is a sample of lemon juice mask:

  • Lemon and baking soda mask
  • Cinnamon and lemon juice mask
  • Toothpaste and lemon juice
  • Proportions should be 1:2 2tsp. of lemon juice and a teaspoon of a chosen ingredient.


Egg white

This is the cheapest blackhead mask that you can try, but it is very effective and the blackheads that will be removed are surprisingly a lot. Egg white has the property to shrink the pores and to remove dead skin cells, as I’ve said earlier, Dead skin cells, excess oil, and open pores are the main reason why blackheads occur. That way the use of egg white mask itself would be a very effective way of removing those blackheads and at the same time preventing it in the future. Also, the egg white mask has the ability to help excrete the excessive oil present in the skin. This is how the egg white mask works.

  • Clean your face well and apply one coat of egg whites on your face properly.
  • Take a clean tissue and place it on the area with blackheads.
  • Press them gently.
  • Keep the tissue until it is dry.
  • Once it is dry remove the tissue in the outward direction
  • And lastly, you will that most of the blackheads have been removed.


Baking soda

Another effective natural remedy for the blackheads is the baking soda. Like any other ingredients baking soda is the most common ingredient used in order to remove blackheads, because baking soda has a capability to neutralize the alkalinity of the skin cells. It is a very simple thing, but it will surely get rid those blackheads because when the level of alkaline, the lesser the possibility of the blackheads to occur. Baking soda is best to partner with milk, because milk will add impact to the baking soda, and milk has a lactic acid which helps the skin to exfoliates and remove the dead skin cells.

The best way to use baking soda as a mask is to use milk or water, just mix them together until you created a paste, then apply to the area with blackheads, and then let it dry for few minutes, and then rinse with warm water.


honey can be combining with other ingredients above for more effective and possible impact on the skin. But honey itself can be used as a facial mask to remove those blackheads. Also honey has the ability to remove and treat oiliness of the skin. If the skin has too much oil, then blackheads will occur rapidly.

Our skin needs antibiotic too; honey has a very high content of honey, which is very beneficial to the skin in order to fight blackheads. If the skin has enough antibiotic, then it will help to clear up the pores. Another thing that you should know about honey is that it contains antiseptic, antibacterial, and antioxidants properties that help to eliminate blackheads by destroying germs and impurities that clog the skin pores.

Here is how you use honey as a facial mask.

  • Apply honey on your face.
  • leave it for about 10 minutes.
  • then wash with Luke warm water.

Blackheads face home remedies

Blackheads are surely one of the most disgusting things on our face. Knowing proper care and eating food that will help the skin is very important as well. There are a lot more natural remedies at home that will help you get rid of those blackheads. Keeping your skin exfoliated, moisturize and hydrated will surely keep you free from blackheads.



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