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Best headphones for ear health

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Dr Sarah Edwards MD
PROFESSIONAL HIGHLIGHTS Dr. Sarah served as Clinical Assistant Professor and Visiting Professor University of the Wester specialties include Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases, Critical Care Medicine, and anxiety Medicine. ABOUT DR. SARAH EDWARDS Dr. Sarah Edwards is a Locum Tenens physician. He received her medical degree from the University of the West School of Medicine and completed her specialty training at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, GA, and at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. He has been trained in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care Medicine, and Anxiety Medicine. In addition, he was also trained in Thoracic Transplantation Medicine and Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Dr. Edwards has a special interest in Integrative Medicine, especially the non-pharmacologic treatment of Sleep Disorders. CERTIFICATIONS Dr. Sarah Edwards is Board Certified in the following: Internal Medicine Child Diseases Critical Medicine He is also a Diplomate of The American Board of Anxiety Medicine. EDUCATIONPostgraduate: University of Nevada School of Medicine Residency: Internal Medicine Medical College of Georgia Fellowship: Pulmonary Diseases, Critical Care Medicine, Anxiety Medicine Baylor College of Medicine Fellowship: Thoracic Transplantation Medicine. Medical school: American University of West Virginia School of Medicine Degree: Doctor of Medicine Graduate: University of the WestUndergraduate: University of the West Degree: Bachelor of Science in Biology

Which type of headphones are best for ears

As we all know that listening to music at too high of a volume for a long period of time can damage our hearing, but is there any safe way to listen using headphones?

The problem is that in measuring of those volumes, and the body is unfortunately good at withstanding very loud sound pressures without immediately telling us that something is wrong.

Headphones are the best method for many of us who want to listen to music since there is little room for sounds to get deform in a distance between ear and speaker. The best advantage of headphones is the ability to hear every little detail in the music, so people prefer the use of headphones instead of loudspeakers. It is also portable and allows the listener to keep their music private.

Regarding their positive benefits, headphones are often a cause of hearing loss because it has potential to damage the eardrum.Using headphone responsibly and learning how to avoid hearing damage should be one of the things all audiophiles and even regular headphone user should be aware. Here are some best type of headphones to prevent hearing loss

Over-Ear Headphones-

over ear headphones are come in two different types: open and closed. In open type of headphone, there is no seal between the headphone and the ear. If you think about classic foam earpiece, this is a general idea. The ear pads tend to be replaceable and it does not trap sound inside the space between the headphone speaker and eardrum. This means that sound can easily escape, and also not allowing music to get too loud, damaging the ear. Unfortunately, it also allows for more sound to enter the ear that decreasing the effectiveness of the headphone. Whereas tend to overcompensate that and increase the volume of their music, which in turn leads to hearing loss.

Closed over-ear headphones are noise canceling headphones. They create a solid seal that traps sounds inside the ear and does not allow the outside sounds to penetrate the headphone. These headphones prevent hearing loss if used properly because the listener has control over what is hitting their ears. They can turn down the volume on their music because they do not need to compete with outside sounds.

  • In-Ear Headphones-

it is also called as earbuds, have increased its popularity over the year due to their small size and powerful sound. Earbuds of the headphones fit completely inside the ear and placing the speaker extremely close to the auditory canal. And that makes the wearer hear exactly only what they want to hear and completely close the other outer sound. It makes the sound only to hear what the wearer want to hear. But we also have to be careful with a level of volume after a level it can be harmful. Because we better know that what is hitting our ear and what is not. When we used it at reasonable volume level it is a very safe choice. However, when it used incorrectly they can cause major damage to ears.

  • Bluetooth headphones-

Bluetooth capabilities are now standard in many phones, cars, televisions, and other technologies. Bluetooth headphones do not require to be plugged into a device to work. They use a wireless signal to connect, though the wearers have to maintain a close distance to the device that it is connected. It is portable and easy to use.One of the best thing about Bluetooth is that it is used not only in headphones but also in hearing aids. People with hearing loss use the Bluetooth hearing aids.And it also not so harmful to the hearing. Nowadays many of people are like to use the Bluetooth headphones and they feel comfortable with it.

There are also some headphones that prevent hearing loss


  • V-Moda Over-Ear Noise isolating headphone- this noise-canceling model has memory foam on the ear cushion so as you wear it, the headphone becomes more fitted to your ear which reduces noises.
  • dB logic EP 100 earbuds- these DB logic buds remove the temptation of turning up the tunes too loudly. The max volume is 85 decibels, which is the current limit from the occupational safety and health administration. It is also the best option for kids.
  • Audio-Technica Premium solid bass in-ear headphones- it finds the right spot for the optimal hearing. It also promises to noise cancellation with their double air chamber design.
  • AfterShokz Bluez open ear wireless headphones- These headphone Reston head instead of in your ear. The open ear design means sound goes in through the part of your ear right below your temple.
  • Maxwell safe sounds headphones- while they don’t make safe sounds for adult, they do offer a variety of over-ear headphone designs based on age range and size of children. these headphones reach maximum decibel-based on the age of the wearer.



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