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7 Best fast food near me in singapore 2021

Whenever you visit America, you’ll realize that there are so many restaurants of fast food near me that are available but which one suits...
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7 Best fast food near me in singapore 2021

Whenever you visit America, you’ll realize that there are so many restaurants of fast food near me that are available but which one suits you or offers delicious food within the town.

On your visit, you’ll get many renowned fast-food restaurants in America, but only a couple of them will gain your attention. These restaurants’ unique interior, signature, and traditional food dishes and tastes make them different from each other.

Here we bring a couple of some amazing restaurants of fast food near me in Singapore for the foodies of America.

Where to find your favorite food may be one main thing that comes to your mind while traveling


McDonald’s is a fast food near me restaurant chain in the United States that was started by two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald, in California. They initially advertised their business as a hamburger stand, but then changed it to a franchise with the Golden Arches emblem.

McDonald’s is the world’s largest restaurant chain by sales, with 38,000 outlets serving over 75 million customers daily in over a hundred countries as of 2018. McDonald’s is famously known for its hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and French fries around the world, but they also produce chicken products, soft drinks, milkshakes, etc.

They added salads, fish, smoothies, and fruit to their menu in response to shifting consumer tastes and negative criticism regarding their food’s unhealthiness.

McDonald’s is the largest fast-food chain in the world. This food chain has 35000 outlets in total across 119 countries. Every day, nearly 68 million customers visit McDonald’s. That’s more than the total population of Great Britain.

Hamburger is the signature product of McDonald’s. The company sells 75 hamburgers every second. Chicken sandwiches, French fries, desserts, and soft drinks are other major products from McDonald’s.

McDonald’s business began in the year 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald’s in San Bernadino in California. Today, McDonald’s employing more than 1.7 million people. This global food chain also partnered with a number of entertainment companies and became the largest distributor of toys.


Starbucks has made a name worldwide for being the go-to place when you’re in the mood for caffeine. And there are plenty of sweet treats for non-caffeine drinkers, too.

Starbucks is an American coffeehouse with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, and is well-known worldwide for its world-class coffees. It is a key symbol of America’s second wave of coffee culture as the world’s largest coffee shop.

The company has almost 33,000 stores in 80 different countries, of these 33,000 stores, 19,000 are in the United States, Canada, and Latin America alone.

Starbucks is famous worldwide for its hot and cold drinks, whole-bean coffee, instant coffees, espresso, pastries, and some other snacks. Some of these products are seasonal and specific to the locality of the store. Depending on the country, most offer free Wi-Fi.

Starbucks also had launched the Starbucks App, granting its customers the ability to order their beverages from the comfort of their homes.


Submarine sandwich is the signature product of subway. But products from service vary in accordance with the location. Roasted chicken, tuna, subway club, subway melt, chicken teriyaki are other popular products from the subway.

Subway is also an American fast-food restaurant that is famous for selling sandwiches, salads, and drinks. Fred DeLuca founded this company and was known as Pete’s Super Submarines early in 1965 because it was funded by Peter Buck.

The name was changed to Subway only a few years of its creation, and it began its operation in 1974 with a second restaurant in Wallingford, Connecticut. From then, It has expanded to become a global fast-food business.

Subway offers a variety of topping choices to its customers, allowing them to customize and choose which toppings they want on their order. “Eat Fresh,” the iconic Subway tagline, was designed to emphasize the use of fresh ingredients in their sandwiches.


Wendy’s is an internationally recognized American fast-food restaurant company that was started in November 1969 in Columbus, Ohio, by Dave Thomas. Their new headquarters are in Dublin, Ohio. Wendy’s is the s third-largest fast-food organization with over 7,000 locations in the U.S.

The wendy’s are known worldwide for their famous square hamburgers, a drink of ice cream which is very famous. Nowadays, Wendy’s menu mostly consists of hamburgers, sandwiches, and drinks. The company does not have a signature sandwich anymore, such as the Whopper of Burger King or the Big Mac of McDonald’s.


Domino’s Pizza also known as Domino’s is an American multinational pizza and fast food restaurant chain founded in 1960. The CEO of Domino’s is Richard Allison. Its headquarters are in the Domino’s Farms Office Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Domino’s had approximately 15,000 stores, with 6,000 in the U.S. alone, according to a report published in 2018.

Domino’s Pizza changed its name to simply Domino’s in August 2012. At the same time, Domino’s has a new logo that has a number of elements, including the blue rectangle and text beneath the domino text in the design, which was replaced with a blue on the side with two dots and red on the side with one dot logo.

Domino’s pizza is the second-largest pizza delivery service in us. The first one is Pizza hut. This company has 10000 stores in total across 70 countries. Pizzas from Domino’s are available in a variety of crust styles in accordance with the location of the store. Bread bowls, pasta, and Oven-baked sandwiches are other main products on the menu of Dominoes.

In the beverages section, Domino’s sells products of Coca-Cola. Even though there are thousands of stores in the U.S, Domino’s pizza delivery drivers travel millions of miles every week. The Super Bowl Sunday is the busiest day for Domino’s, the day on which the company delivers millions of pizzas.

Pizza hut

Pizza Hut is another American multinational chain of fast-food restaurants that is known for its tasty pizzas all over the world. Dan and Frank Carney started it in Wichita, Kansas in 1958. Pizza Hut is known for pizzas and other Italian-American dishes, like pasta, spaghetti, etc.

This chain has over 19,000 restaurants worldwide as of December 31, 2019, making it the world’s largest fast-food chain around the world.

Pizza Hut has several different restaurant-style formats around the U.S: The family-style dine-in format, storefront delivery, and carry-out format, and a hybrid format that has all options. A buffet format is also available at some full-size Pizza Hut restaurants, featuring “all-you-can-eat” pizza, salad, desserts, and breadsticks.


Kentucky Fried Chicken abbreviated as KFC is an American fast-food chain of restaurants, that is specialized in fried chickens products. KFC is the world’s second-largest fast-food restaurant chain famously known for its fried chicken products, after McDonald’s, with over 23,000 locations globally in 150 different countries, as of December 2019.

KFC is a part of Yum Brands, a restaurant company famously known in America that also owns Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and WingStreet fast-food restaurant chains.

The founder of KFC, Harland Sanders, is an entrepreneur, who used to sell fried chicken products from his small shop in Kentucky. He then found out the franchising concept and its potential and after a while in 1952, he opened the first “Kentucky Fried Chicken” franchise in Utah.

KFC is popular for its chicken products in the fast-food industry. By naming himself as “Colonel Sanders”, Harland became a prominent figure of American cultural history, and his image remains one of the most widely used logos advertising to this day.