11 Health Benefits Of Reishi Mushroom: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage

11 Health Benefits Of Reishi Mushroom:

Mushrooms are known to combat many deadly diseases. Just like other mushrooms, the Reishi Mushroom is a kind of mushroom fungus that develops alfresco. These mushrooms are generally cultivated in various parts of Asia, comprising China, Korea, and Japan.[1]

Reishi Mushrooms are edible fungus and are usually considered to be bitter taste-wise along with an uneven texture that is rigid too. Reishi Mushrooms are often found in the form of supplements or raw form.[2]

Considering all the healthy benefits of Reishi it is also called the “King of Herbs”.

The scientific name of Reishi Mushroom is Ganoderma Lucidum. It grows above the ground and develops a “ripening body” accompanied by cohesive strands known as mycelium.

These strands eventually convert into herbal medicines, health teas, powders, zest, and extracts.

This fungus has many proven health benefits that can combat tumor formation, regulate blood sugar, improve heart health, lessen allergies, etc.

Reishi Mushrooms are potent to fight against the following ailments:

  • Swelling
  • Exhaustion (reducing extreme fatigue symptoms)
  • The frequent occurrence of infections in various body parts including UTI. Bronchitis, respiratory infections, etc.
  • Liver ailments
  • Indigestion
  • Tumor development
  • Insomnia
  • Stress and depression

Here are some health benefits that can be availed from Reishi Mushrooms.

Revitalizes the Immune System 

Among all the vital effects of Reishi Mushrooms, boosting up the immune system of our body is considered to be the most crucial one.

While few pieces of information are still left unknown and on their way to explore, test tube researches have revealed that these mushrooms are capable of affecting the genes present in white blood cells, which are sensitive parts of our immune system.


It is widely popular due to it retains anti-cancerous properties. A case study conducted over 4000 breast cancer fighters revealed that almost 59% of the survivors consumed Reishi Mushrooms.

Moreover, some test-tube studies have suggested that these mushrooms are efficient to kill deadly cancer cells. It is also been evident that these funguses are the potential to treat even prostate cancer in humans.

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Effective in Diminishing Exhaustion and Depression

Along with immunizing the human body, Reishi Mushrooms are known to possess other health benefits too. It is well efficient in reducing anxiety and depression in people and the exhaustion caused by it.

A recent case study has recommended intaking Reishi Mushrooms for those who have been a victim of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).

Researchers have observed that fatigue has been reduced to a great extent after 2 months of continuous consumption of the medicinal supplement of these mushrooms.

Helpful in Controlling Blood Sugar

The molecules present in the Reishi Mushrooms are beneficial in reducing the high blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes.

It is apparently believed that medicinal supplements are effective for controlling blood sugar, but more research is on the way to discover more nutritive facts about it.


Source of Antioxidant

Antioxidants are considered effective for preventing injury to the cells of our body. Due to this specific reason, there is a great awareness of foods that provide antioxidants in our body.

It is been claimed by many people that this mushroom retains antioxidant effects. Though in many studies, no substantial changes have been found in the vital antioxidant enzymes present in the blood after taking the medicinal supplements up to 3 months.

Prevents High Cholesterol 

Recent studies have revealed that consuming Reishi Mushroom extract regularly for up to 3 months helps to control high cholesterol levels in people who have high blood pressure.

This in turn benefits heart health. It is beneficial for reducing the risk of heart diseases too.

Helpful in Opening Closed Arteries 

Patients with clogged arteries suffer from a high risk of heart diseases. Increased chance of heart attack, high blood pressure, and much more occurs due to clogged arteries. It may also lead to obesity and fatigue.

Consuming a specific dose of Reishi Mushroom supplements are useful in reducing the syndromes of clogged arteries which include chest pain and squatness of breath.

Combats Hepatitis B :

Consuming a particular dose of Reishi Mushroom medicinal supplement has been believed to diminish hepatitis B virus mingling in the body. This supplement is also beneficial for patients suffering from liver disorders.

These Mushrooms are Effective in Reducing Symptoms of Allergies :

Reishi Mushroom extracts are capable of lessening and prohibiting many allergic symptoms. It is revered to cure various infections like urinary tract infections, bronchitis, etc.

These mushrooms are capable of stabilizing the mast cells present in our body.

Promotes Sound Sleep :

In general, Reishi Mushrooms are recommended by the Chinese and Japanese herbalists conventionally to cure insomnia and provide sound sleep to people who are not able to sleep easily.

It is been proved by modern science that it is indeed beneficial for curing insomnia.

Boosts Functioning of Brain :

These efficient mushrooms are also effective in revitalizing the functions served by our brain. It stimulates the neurotransmitters present in our brain.

Eventually, Reishi Mushrooms enhances to restore our memory in a long run.


It must be consumed under proper supervision/expert advice. Consume 2 caps of Reishi Mushroom extracts every day. Continue or discard it depending upon the response you get after consuming it regularly.

Maximum studies have stated that no such substantial side effects have been observed by the intake of Reishi. Usually,

Reishi helps to benefit many health-related chronic conditions. It can be reliably used as a medicinal supplement.