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Benefits of Drinking Water: How It Affects Your Energy, Weight

In the study of the Geological Survey, our body is made up of 60% water. Because of the utilization of water our body organs, cells, and tissues balance our body temperature and functions. To avoid the risks of dehydration consuming water plays a vital role. The intake of water depends on various aspects like weight, age, and height.

So, How much water should I drink a day?

IOM or Institute of Medicine recommended that men should have to drink 3 liters of water, and for women 2 liters to reach their daily water intake requirements.

The consumption of water for adults should be 15 cups, and for kids, 5 cups are enough to avoid dehydration issues. Also, you can try a water intake calculator by calculator-online that helps you to estimate the amount of water that you have to consume to reach your daily hydration goals.

Benefits of Drinking water:

Here are some benefits of drinking water are listed below:

Stay Energized with Water:

Dehydration had a bad impact on health. It also affects mood and energy levels negatively. Tiredness, confusion, anger, and mood are also associated with dehydration. Your body needs enough amount of water to perform well.

The risk of blood pressure and heart issues becomes very low by consuming water. Proper intake of fluids is important to avoid dehydration and many other issues. Simply use the online hydration calculator to know how many cups of water you need to drink per day to avoid dehydration.

Boost Skin Health:

Consuming water is very beneficial for the skin, as it improves skin tone, prevents premature aging, reduces skin swelling, prevents Acne; maintains your PH balance, and many more benefits.

According to studies consuming 2 cups of water will increase the flow of blood to the skin which improves the functioning of your skin.

Boost Hairs by consuming water:

Hairs are like a plant and also work like that; plants need proper ingredients to grow just like that our hairs also need some ingredients to grow. Water is an essential ingredient for the growth of hairs, by consuming water the risk of hair loss, breakage, and the thinness of hairs becomes very less.

One-fourth part of our hair shaft is consists of water that is why consuming water is required to avoid hair fall.

Hydration Supports Digestion:

Hydration is the key, to the absorption of nutrients, and the digestion process. Water is required to function properly in the digestive system. An insufficient amount of water slows down the process of digestion and can lead to constipation and other digestive problems.

Consuming water before and after meals can helps you to dilute gastric juices. So, stick to the water intake calculator to know how much water you should have to drink per day to reach your ideal water intake goals.

Hydration helps in weight loss:

Consuming water plays an important role in weight loss. Hydration improves the circulation of blood and boosts your metabolic rate, and also cleanses your body system.

According to a study which is published in 2013 based on 8 weeks, fifty girls drank 2 cups of water daily before breakfast, lunch, and dinner without adding anything to their diet – they lost weight.


According to studies about 60% of your body is made up of water, your body organs need enough water to perform their functions. It flushes out toxins from the body and provides nutrients to body organs to perform well.

Consumption of water also lubricates and cushions joints, and protects sensitive tissues. Dehydration occurs when your body is not receiving an adequate amount of water, so account for the water intake calculator and stay hydrated according to the recommended water intake requirements.


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