The Many Benefits of Walking


health benefits of walking

Walking has become a very real and enjoyable way of life. Not only is it fun and great exercise but there are other benefits of walking including weight loss and better health.

The New England Journal of Medicine has previously reported that the benefits of walking is close to that of vigorous exercise and reduces the number of heart attacks in women and men.

Those who walk just three hours a week may reduce their risk of heart attack by thirty to forty percent. Women who walk more than five hours weekly may reduce their heart attack risk by fifty percent. Walking has also been reported to help reduce the risk of breast cancer in women.

We’ve always been told the many benefits walking provides for us as a whole but we often don’t realize the many health benefits it provides on an individual basis. Walking can help prevent many health problems from developing, or can even solve some health problems that have already started. Another benefit of walking is the body produces natural pain endorphins while you walk. Check more health tips and tricks on Mfcc4health

Walking is very helpful in reducing stress. Seldom will a man go walking and think about his problems because walking has a way of clearing your head. Whether it’s the fresh air that helps to clear the mind or by the way you move your arms and legs, walking manages to remove stress from both the mind and body.

Benefits of walking worth acknowledging include:

Walking helps you to digest your food better. This is particularly beneficial for men or women that tend to have a diet that consists of to many heavy fried foods. Walking on a regular basis helps to digest these foods quicker and easier.

Walking can help you maintain your weight. People that work long hours on jobs that are sedentary, tend to gain extra pounds but walking regularly can help keep this in check.

Other benefits of walking are that it provides some great leisure time as well as giving you time to socialize with friends or add some quality time with your family. Our busy lives tend to leave us with little time for catching up with friends or spending time with the family. By walking with family or friends one can improve their health and have a social life.

Anyone that walks regularly will claim they feel more energetic, happier and are able to work and move at a much faster pace and still remain healthy.


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