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Importance of marriage and family counseling

Family therapy interventions for communication

Families are the most important connection as the members of the family take care of each other. No society can be built without a family. It is the brick of the society so the strong bond in every family unit builds a prosperous society.

Without knowing each other we cannot protect our families. We also have not evolved and advanced further in the race of life. However, if one family member creates a problem then the whole family will be at risk

It is common after some period of time, maybe decades. It must be understood by the family members that they should know each other, should understand the emotions and feelings of each other.

To strengthen a family relationship, there must be a need for care and love among the family members. The family members should understand the need of other family members. Furthermore, the members of the family should be honest in communication.

Family Counseling

Family therapy or family counseling is a treatment that is designed for the members of the family about the different family affairs and health problems. Counseling is always helpful to address the problem before it becomes a big one. The matter would be dealt with the easy and right way.

Benefits of family counseling

The main objective of family counseling is to improve the way of communication among family members. Furthermore, it helps solve many family affairs and to handle family situations like death, child and adolescent issues, serious physical or mental illness, etc.

This counseling helps in creating a better home environment. It helps in educating the family about cultural and religious matters. It can retain the love and sex relationship between couples.

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Reasons Why You Need Family Counseling

If you are thinking about family counseling then it is a good step, which makes the individual relationship stronger than before. Here are the Reasons why you need family counseling.

  • The Blended Family
  • The Disconnected Family
  • Giving Alone Time
  • Teenager Problem
  • Addiction
  • The Secret Keeper
  • The Sexual Drought
  • Punishment

The Blended Family

This situation occurs when two separate families decide to become one big family. A blended family happens when a person is married to another person who has 2 kids.

Sometimes a person has one kid to married to another person who has no kids or 1 or more kids. This is the situation where couples create half-siblings. Well, this type of relations is difficult to work on as it disturbs the life of the children. The children’s in this relationship still attached to the previous parent relationship.

It is difficult for them to adjust to the new mom and dad. The role of a stepparent is also difficult to understand the feeling and emotions of the children. Creating boundaries regarding children is also difficult. So to make harmonies in this relationship, there must be family counseling.

The Disconnected Family

This is the very common reason by which we need family counseling because it happens when there is a disconnection in the family relationship as no one or more than 1 family member doesn’t take interest in another family member.

In this condition family members don’t want to talk to each other. One family member is busy on Facebook and another one on WhatsApp they did not have time or don’t show interest in each other feelings.

They want only mobile phone devices and other activities. So, there is a disconnection issue among the individuals and the main reason for this is technology. Technology includes mobiles, tablets, laptops, and TV.

These destroy the strong bond of the family members. In this case, family counseling is very important.

Giving alone time

Benefits of family counseling

Giving time to someone is very important in a strong relationship. If you are newly married then you must give time to your wife from your daily routine because she wants your attention as she is your better half.

Similarly, every husband also wants love from his wife, so it is also the responsibility to give him time for what he wants.

There is also a situation when there are 3-4 children in your house and you or your wife don’t take much attention to the middle one or any of the children. In all these scenarios you have a duty to give alone time to your wife and your children.

In this way, you can able to understand their feelings and emotions when this situation happens your partner or children will not come to an event. Your children will also not come to a dining table for dinner or a house party. There must be a family counseling in this case as it will get closer to your all individual of your family.

Teenager problem

Benefits of family counseling

Maybe you are now a parent, but when you are in the teenager stage you may also have many emotions or behave childishly. In this teenager stage, you may have full of emotions like anger, happiness, sadness, etc.

In this stage, many teenagers don’t know how to talk to someone. They also don’t know what the true emotion of sadness and happiness is because they did not get experienced in life.

This is common for most teenagers. Many teenagers want to keep private so they don’t want to involve other family members in their matter. If someone will interfere then-teenager will become angry and which destroy the family bonding. 

Overall, the teenager always is in his own song and only does what he wanted to do.

This is a serious situation and if you are an elder in your house, then it is your responsibility to handle this matter with a relaxed mind. For strengthening your family members in a strong bond, there must be family counseling.


Benefits of family counseling

Addiction can affect your whole family members or with the individual. The addiction involves smoking, drugs, alcohol, or playing casino every time. No one loves the addicted person because he or she not only ruin his own health but also harms the other individual.

These addicted persons will suffer from various dangerous deadly diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, etc. There are many cases where an alcohol addict suffers from a dangerous disease.

He may also waste family’s hard-earned money on drugs and other activities like gambling, casino, call girl’s Many addicted people also sale his own property just to sake of earning double money via gambling or casino.

The family member did not like that person who is involved in such an activity. Your children and wife don’t prefer to sit with you at dinner or another family meeting.

It leads to disconnection among various individuals in a family. In this situation, there is a need for family counseling to leave this bad habit of an individual.

The Secret Keeper

Benefits of family counseling

After the marriage, it is the duty of both partners to share every secret with other partners. If you have any secret or love affair before marriage then it is your responsibility to share your secret with another partner. Your partner loves you and will understand that this was your mistake.

He or she may forgive your past deed and accept you by heart. If your partner knows your secret after marriage then it may destroy your marriage life. In many circumstances, it may lead to divorce. So, there is family counseling in this situation that can solve this important matter and strengthen the love relationship.

The Sexual Drought

Benefits of family counseling

The study shows that partners should have sex at least once per week. It is necessary to maintain closeness and love in a relationship. If there is a wait for more than a week then it may lead to distance between the partners. There may be a lack of interest between the two love partners.

It also leads to a lack of communication and openness. The main reason for not doing sex or lack of sex interest is medical problems. These medical issues are very common.

Lower the level of hormones in partner results from a lower level of libido which leads to a lack of sex interest in a partner. If you have some sex issues then must consult the doctors or use the proper supplement to regain the sexual life.

More sex and caring will ultimately receive your partner’s attention. It can strengthen your relationship. Family counseling also helps to sort out that matter.


Benefits of family counseling

Punishment is always bad as it leads to mental illness and depression. If you punish your daughter, son, brother, or any other family member then anger will rise of the individual family member against you or other members.

You should not punish someone for any mischief or bad behavior. Try to handle the situation politely as it is necessary for you.

This situation also happens when you punish your wife or saying abuse of her little mistake. In that scenario, it will blow your marriage relationship. Moreover, it can also affect the life of your children.

You should not be a shout or rude to your partner. In this case, family counseling also plays a vital role to strengthen the bond between you and your family members.

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