8 unique ways to make your bedroom environment sleepy

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Dr Rati Parwani
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Who doesn’t want a blissful sleep! Besides mental and physical factors, environmental factors also play a significant role in maximizing the sleep experience. The article emphasizes essentials that can make your bedroom sleep-friendly and stabilize your sleeping habit.

8 Unique Ways to make your Bedroom Sleep Friendly

Getting appropriate sleep is a luxury that most of us wish for nowadays but only a few can afford it. Disturbed sleep or absolutely no sleep occurs due to many reasons including stress, anxiety, lifestyle disorders, bad eating habits, etc.

To save yourself from being a nocturnal creature, you can at least create an environment that helps you sleep peacefully.
Following are some essentials to follow for a cozy sleeping environment:

1. A comfy mattress:

People hardly think of spending on a quality mattress. Compromising on mattress quality can bring discomfort and frequent sleep breaks. Hence, based on your preferences look for mattresses that are made of premium quality foam and will be durable for years.

Dr. Dreams is one super comfort brand from the trusted home solutions company Nilkamal group that provides easy-to-handle mattresses for one and all. This is created with high-quality memory foam that adjusts as per the shape of your body and doesn’t affect posture and comfort.

2. Restful pillow:

Take your pillow seriously! Not all soft pillows give comfort. Choose the one that is gentle but not very fluffy. There are so many types of health comfort pillows also available -memory foam pillows, neck pillows, buckwheat pillows, etc. Compare which pillow gives more comfort to you.

3. Breathable bedsheets:

Along with a good mattress and pillow, a skin-friendly soothing bed sheet is also a must. If you are allergic to certain materials, choosing a cotton light-colored bed sheet will help you sleep better. Buy any material that is natural and not synthetic.

4. Wall Paint:

Wall paints influence the mind to an extent. White and light-colored walls are good for beauty sleep and power naps. While choosing the color of your wall especially the bedroom ones, ensure you pick some soothing colors, don’t go for brighter colors, and fill your room with decoration.

5. Invest in indoor plants:

It is not wrong to call plants an investment because they will give you returns. They don’t just add a touch of green to your space creating a positive aura but also purifies the air, acts as a natural humidifier and all this sums up to a serene sleep.

6. De-clutter:

Half of the sleep and uneasiness that you feel is due to the clutter present in your room as it creates a negative aura. So, let the plan for this weekend be throwing out all that is not useful and make things organized.

7. Darkness:

Keep dim lights in your bedroom when it’s time to sleep. At times, the slightest light can also disturb your sleep. You can opt for blackout curtains, these curtains will give your room a dark, warm, and cozy vibe that will give you a tranquil sleep.

8. Aromatherapy:

Essential oils made out of leaves, roots, blossoms are specially formulated for better sleep and it also aids in reducing stress anxiety, insomnia, etc. All you have to do is infuse a few drops of the essential oils in the diffuser and let it flow.

A cozy environment will surely give a happy sleeping experience. Hence, start clearing and setting up an environment in your homes that not only brings good sleep but good health too.


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