6 Different Ways to Design a Breath Taking Bedroom 2021

bedroom design

The bedroom is one of the safest places in your life. It gives you comfort, serenity, and joy after a long, tiring day. The bedroom plays an essential role in getting you consistent sleep that will influence your health and well-being.

That’s why a bedroom should be relaxing and comfortable to enjoy spending time alone or with friends and family members.

Designing your bedroom well can mean the difference between sleeping restfully or staying awake all night. When you have a nice and neat bedroom design, you would be more than happy spending time in your bedroom all day long. Whether working on your bed or watching YouTube videos, staying in the bedroom would be enjoyable. 

However, you may get tired of the old bedroom design that keeps you from spending more time in the room. Whether it’s the old lighting, worn-out decorations, or shabby wallpapers, you want a fresh look to lighten your mood. 

You’ve come to the right page. This article will help you redesign your old bedroom into a brand-new room. Let’s dive in.

1. Pick Your Bedroom Style

The first step in designing your room is to choose a style. Your bedroom should be the place to express yourself. The point is your bedroom should be all about you. By making a bedroom relevant to yourself, you’ll get more comfort and joy while spending time in your bedroom.

So, how do you choose your bedroom style? You can start it by making a mood board on Pinterest. This app is a great platform to find ideas, inspirations, and references for your bedroom’s style. Search and pick some bedroom-style pictures you like. Then, pin it on your mood board.

You can also follow some Instagram accounts that show different styles of bedroom designs. Don’t limit yourself to only one style. Be free to choose whatever bedroom style that you think will fit your taste or personality. 

When collecting new ideas, you’ll find the right style that matches your personality. However, you should make sure of the budget when considering a new bedroom style because it can be expensive for your end.

Don’t let the style you choose make you feel burdened, forcing you to stop designing your bedroom. If that happens, you should think of some alternative or affordable ways so you can still design your bedroom with your style.

2. Make Your Bedroom Simple

Your bedroom should be a cozy, comfortable, and private place for you, regardless of the style you choose. That’s why you should keep your room as homely as possible. That means you only need to put the necessary stuff in your bedroom. 

For example, if your bedroom is where you can only sleep, you should place a bed, a drawer, and other furniture depending on your needs. Keep your bedroom minimized as you don’t have other activities here other than sleeping. You can also add some accessories like some pictures, artwork, candles, or anything that fits with your style but still look simple. 

Less stuff will give you more space to breathe, relax, and increase the comfort in your bedroom. It is also easier to clean up without having to get rid of a lot of stuff. 

Most people often misunderstand when designing a bedroom. Just because you want a simple look, it doesn’t mean you put less stuff on it.

Less furniture is alright for a small room. On the other hand, if you have a big size bedroom, less furniture will make your bedroom feel empty, dull, and even scary. Remember that simplicity is about putting stuff that you need and like to create a cozy bedroom.

3. Choose the Right Color

It’s no secret that colors bring certain effects to our feelings and moods. If you want to change your bedroom color, you should think about this seriously.

Ask yourself, what do you want to feel when you enter your bedroom? If you want to feel relaxed and cozy, you can choose some calm colors like white, grey, or blue. 

On the other hand, if you want to feel bright and cheerful, you can choose colors like yellow, orange, pink and others. It all depends on your mood and feeling.

You can also adjust with your style’s choice. If you choose a bohemian style, you can pick navy blue, bold black, or else that fits the style. You also need to think about lighting in your room. How much sunlight your room gets and how your colors choice will look in the morning and night? 

Besides, the size of your room plays an important part in choosing the colors too. With your color choice, do you want to make your small room look bigger? If you are still stuck with this, you should learn a bit of color theory to find the right color that fits your mood or style.

4. Dress Your Window

The window in your bedroom plays an important role. It’s one of the light sources that are necessary to create a healthy room. Opening your window in the morning routine can create good air circulation that will be good for your health. 

Besides, good air circulation will increase your comfort, affecting your productivity while doing some activities in the bedroom. So, if you want to improve the appearance of your window, there is nothing wrong with dressing or designing it.

You can dress your window by picking some curtains that fit your style. Pick curtains with floaty, gauzy fabric if you like relaxed style. You can also choose something heavy like velvet if you prefer an elegant mood.

For the color, you can adjust it with your bedroom color or style. For example, if your bedroom color is white, you can add some contrast by picking curtains with a darker color like navy blue or brown. On the other hand, if your bedroom has a certain style, like the Scandinavian style, you can pick colors that fit with it, like grey, black, or pastel.

Dressing your window that fits your bedroom will encourage you to open the window regularly. Besides, this can be your way to show off your personality and increase the beauty of the room.

5. Prioritize Your Bedroom Lighting

Lighting is an important part you need to think of to design a breath-taking bedroom. The majority of your bedroom will be dark so picking the right color will influence how your room will look. When picking the lighting, adjust it with the needs of different areas in your bedroom.

If you want to light for your bedside, pick the lighting with small light or you can pick lighting with overhead light for your whole room. If possible, you can add a few lamps dotted around to increase the glow side of the bedroom. 

For the design of lighting, you can adjust it with your needs. If you want to make your lighting the main part of your bedroom, you can pick fancy lamps. On the other hand, if you want to keep your room simple, you can pick the lighting with a simple design.

When picking the design, adjust it with your budget. If you have enough budget, you have many options to choose a beautiful lighting design. But, if you have a limited budget, pick the lighting design at low prices but can still make your bedroom look beautiful.

6. Add Your Favorite Stuff

Your bedroom should be a place to express yourself and show some of your personality. You can make it by adding some of your favorite stuff. If you are an artistic person, owning artwork like paintings, pictures, or portraits, you can put them on the wall or somewhere in your bedroom. 

Or else, if you love music and have a favorite band or singer, you can place some posters and your favorite instrument in your bedroom too. This is a great way to increase the uniqueness of your bedroom and show off your tastes.

If you want to make your bedroom feel relevant to current trends, you can put a gallery wall above your bed or on your bedroom’s wall. This will increase the beauty of the room that affects your mood during your time in the bedroom.

You can always put your favorite stuff that adjusts your style or taste. However, you should keep it simple, cozy, and aesthetic. Make sure your bedroom’s style defines your personality or who you are.


Designing your bedroom can be stressful, sometimes. Just take your time. Don’t be rushed in the process, and make it a fun experience. 

By designing your bedroom, you already make a cozy, intimate, and homey space for you to get quality sleep. Besides, you already have a comfortable space where you can spend time alone or with family and friends.

Make sure that you put everything you like in the bedroom. Be creative but still pay attention to details, so your efforts are paying off. Have fun!