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Dr Sarah Edwards MD

How to improve stammering problem at home

Stuttering, often known as stammering is principally a speech dysfunction as a result of which the conventional speech movement is disturbed The right motive or trigger for such a dysfunction shouldn't be but recognized. Analysis signifies that that is...

10 Health benefits of Mustard Greens

Health benefits of Mustard Greens Mustard Greens leaves of the mustard plant Know its health benefits 1. Cancer Prevention Protect against bladder, colon, breast, lung, prostate and ovarian cancers. 2. High in Antioxidant it supplies a number of the greatest amounts of three powerful antioxidants:...

7 Health benefits of Jogging

 Benefits of jogging in the morning Jogging! best morning exercise for everyone.know its amazing benefits. 1. Good for Mental health Jogging infuses a sense of positivity and can make one feel more motivated and inspired in life. 2. Helps Burn Calories Jogging a few...

Is tomato soup healthy for you

The amazing health of benefits tomato soup Tomatoes are a treasure of riches when it comes to their antioxidant benefits. In terms of conventional antioxidants, tomatoes provide an excellent amount of vitamin C and beta-carotene; a very good amount of...

Health Benefits of Green Chilies

About green chilies The chili paper is the fruit of plants that belong to the family genus capsicum which is members of the nightshade family, i.e.,.solanacea. In India Britain, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Asian Pakistani, and Asian countries...

Why you should eat banana’s

It's good for skin and weight loss They contain some important vitamins and have advantages for digestion, coronary heart well-being, and weight loss. Other than being very nutritious, they're additionally an exceedingly handy snack fruit. Eyes - maintains night vision. Stomach...

Health benefits of Castor Oil

know its amazing benefits. 1. Eyes - it stimulates eyelash growth. it stimulates eyelash growth. Castor oil also helps in getting rid of under-eye dark circles. 2.Inflammation and Pain - Regular consumption of castor oil also provides relief in inflammation, joint aches,...

About Me

PROFESSIONAL HIGHLIGHTS Dr. Sarah served as Clinical Assistant Professor and Visiting Professor University of the Wester specialties include Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Diseases, Critical Care Medicine, and anxiety Medicine. ABOUT DR. SARAH EDWARDS Dr. Sarah Edwards is a Locum Tenens physician. She received Sher medical degree from the University of the West School of Medicine and completed Sher specialty training at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, GA, and at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. She has been trained in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care Medicine, and Anxiety Medicine. In addition, she was also trained in Thoracic Transplantation Medicine and Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Dr. Edwards has a special interest in Integrative Medicine, especially the non-pharmacologic treatment of Sleep Disorders. CERTIFICATIONS Dr. Sarah Edwards is Board Certified in the following: • Internal Medicine • Child Diseases • Critical Medicine • She is also a Diplomate of The American Board of Anxiety Medicine. EDUCATION Postgraduate: • University of Nevada School of Medicine • Residency: Internal Medicine
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